Monday, January 14, 2013

A Menu of Links

"Blue Water Lillies" by Claude Monet, 1916

These are some links to important indexes for convenient reference.

1. Pronunciation: Listen and fill the blanks.

Index of the Vowel Sounds

Index of the Consonant Sounds

2. Grammar Practice: Basic to High Intermediate

Basic English Grammar

Grammar Practice

3. Conversation Practice: Listen, repeat, practice.

Exchanges Index

Grammartalk Index

Dialogue Workout

4. Reading and Listening: Listen and read. Then, try your listening comprehension skills by just listening without looking at the text. These are links to many articles and stories on a variety of subjects.

American Short Story Index

American History Index

Explorations Index

Art and Architecture Index

Music and Musicians Index

Biography Index

5. Improve your English by learning new words and idioms.

Vocabulary and Idioms

6. Special help and guidance using the Mission Language Lab system of websites

EFL Sessions

7. Student Writings

New Mission Journal

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