Friday, January 15, 2010

"The Purloined Letter" - Comprehension Check

"The Mystery of a Summer Night" by Edvard Munch

1. Poe's story, The purloined letter, influenced the modern ________ .
a. romance story.
b. science fiction story.
c. mystery.
d. horror story.

2. The word "purloined" means _________ .
a. broiled.
b. stolen.
c. dressed up.
d. devoured.

3. It was obvious that __________ stole the letter.
a. Dupin.
b. Germont.
c. Poe.
d. D'Arcy.

4. The letter was stolen in order to ________ .
a. embarrass a political leader.
b. blackmail Madame X.
c. find out about a scandal.
d. cash the check that was inside of it.

5. The case was brought to the attention of the police by _____ .
a. a famous detective.
b. a politician's enemy.
c. the politician's wife who remains unnamed.
d. an ex convict.

6. Germont and his fellow officers searched for the letter _________ .
a. in Germont's bedroom.
b. in D'Arcy's apartment.
c. in a government office.
d. in Dupin's drawer.

7. One place that the policemen did not look for the letter was _______ .
a. under the rugs.
b. in the garden.
c. behind the paintings.
d. around the furniture.

8. Dupin didn't give Gorment the letter until _______ .
a. Gorment admitted he was a failure.
b. Madame X promised to marry him.
c. Gorment paid him for his work.
d. the politician gave him a job.

9.Another name for this story could be ___________ .
a. "The Simple Solution"
b. "The life of Gorment"
c. "How to Purloin a Postcard"
d. "French Crime"

10. This story is mainly about
a. August Dupin's life in Paris.
b. D'Arcy's affair with Madame X.
c. The location of a stolen letter.
d. Efficient French Policemen.

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