Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dialogue Workout 76

A: What does Sylvia want to do?
B: She’s interested in getting a better job, but she needs to learn more English.
A: What kind of work is she interested in?
B: She’s tired of being a housekeeper. She would like to be a secretary.
A: She’ll need to take word processing. Mission Campus has a good clerical training program.
B: Yes. She hopes to enroll in a computer class.
A: Maria has had a difficult time since she moved here.
B: Why has her life been so difficult?
A: She has three children. She brought them with her when she came here.
B: What about her husband? Did he come too?
A: Maria is a widow. She has been raising the children herself.
B: That’s hard. She has had to support herself and her three children, and take care of them.
A: I don’t know how we were able to manage, but everything turned out okay.
B: You must have worked very hard to support your children.
A: Yes, I did. But that’s water under the bridge
B: Are your children all grown up now?
A: Yes, they are. Two of them are married with children of their own..
B: That’s wonderful. How long have you been a grandmother?
A: Six years. My oldest grandchild is six.
A: It’s difficult to move to another country.
B: What, in your opinion, is the most difficult thing?
A: By far, the hardest thing is the language.
B: You’re right. I feel the same way. It’s a real stumbling block.
A: If you don’t speak English, people sometimes take advantage of you.
B: After I studied English a while, things got much better for me.
A: My first job wasn’t bad. It could’ve been a lot worse. I was a baby sitter.
B: Did you work full time or part time?
A: I was a full time baby sitter. I had a lot responsibilities.
B: Tell me about your employer. Was she nice?
A: She was very nice. She helped me a lot. She gave me a lot of advice.
B: I’m glad your first job was a good experience.
A: I have a good friend at the restaurant, Erik. He’s been very supportive.
B: It helps to have a good friend at work.
A: He explains how to make special foods.
B: How long have you known Erik?
A: I’ve known him for three years. We like to talk.
B: I ate at your restaurant last week. It was great.
A: I try to put my paycheck in my savings account.
B: That’s a good idea. If you can save money, you have more options.
A: But, I always have a lot of bills to pay, and it isn’t always possible to save.
B: I try to save at least ten percent of my paycheck every month.
A: I’ve only been in this country for one year.
B: After you work for a while, you’ll be able to save to save more.
A: Has it been a long time since you left Nicaragua?
B: No, I haven’t been in this country too long. Only a couple of years.
A: Tell me how you felt when you started living here.
B: I was sad for the first three months because I had never been away from my country before.
A: But you probably adjusted to your new country quickly.
B: Yes, but I’ve always missed my family and friends.
A: How do you like San Francisco?
B: I’m beginning to enjoy being here. It’s a nice place.
A: Really? Don’t you think it’s gets too cold in winter?
B: I don’t complain about the weather as much as I used to.
A: What about public transportation?
B: The bus system isn’t bad. It’s convenient sometimes. And sometimes it’s not.

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