Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dialogue Workout 64

A: The piano movers just called. They can’t come today.
B: Oh, no. We have to move the piano today.
A: We’ll have to move it to the other room ourselves.
B: We can’t move it ourselves. It’s much too heavy.
A: We’ll have to try. I know. We’ll put the rug under it.
B: Good idea. Then, we’ll slide it into the other room.
A: We were successful. We moved the piano.
B: Now, we have more space in the living room.
A: The problem is, we have less space in the dining room.
B: The dining room is a good place for the piano.
A: I’m not sure. The trouble is, the piano needs work.
B: That’s true. The piano is kind of out of tune, isn’t it?
A: There’s one other little problem. There’s a leak in the stove. I smell gas in the kitchen.
B: Then, we have to call P. G. and E. right away.
A: Will they come over and fix it?
B: Usually they fix gas leaks. I’m fairly certain.
A: I didn’t know that because we’ve never had a gas leak before.
B: Are there any other problems we need to discuss?
A: I don’t know about you, but I’m annoyed by the neighbors.
B: You mean the noise they are always making?
A: Yes. They play their stereo at two in the morning sometimes.
B: I think we should talk to them about it.
A: What should we say?
B: We should ask them politely to turn off their stereo after 10:00 pm.
A: I don’t know if we’ll ever solve all our problems.
B: What now?
A: Somebody parked their car in front of our house.
B: Oh, you’re talking about the blue car. It’s been there at least a month.
A: That’s right. And it’s very dirty and messy.
B: I’m sure that someone has abandoned that car
A: That’s what I think. What should we do about it?
B: We should report the car to the police.
A: What will the police do about it?
B: First, they’ll put a warning notice on the car with a deadline for removing it.
A: And if the owners don’t remove it, the police will tow it away?
B: Yes, and we need to get rid of it soon.
A: We have too many books and CD’s and no place to put them.
B: I know, I’ll build some book shelves. It’s not hard.
A: Here’s a design for a nice bookshelf. It’s in Sunset Magazine.
B: Our bookshelf needs to be larger than that one.
A: You’re right. We need a place to store all these magazines.
B: We need to take a trip to the lumber yard and the hardware store.
A: Didn’t you say you were going to build a bookshelf?
B: Yes, I remember thinking about it last weekend.
A: You haven’t built it yet.
B: I know. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I will.
A: When do you think you might do it?
B: I just haven’t had the time. I’ve been at work too much. By the time I get home, I’m exhausted.
A: After we build the shelves, it would be nice to plant flowers.
B: Where would we plant flowers? The front yard is concrete.
A: But there’s dirt under the concrete. We just have to break the concrete.
B: That’s really difficult. I don’t have the energy to do it.
A: It’s no problem, really. The concrete is probably thin.
B: Probably thin you say. But you don’t know for sure.
A: Isn’t it wonderful? We should celebrate.
B: Celebrate? I’m too wiped out to celebrate.
A: But look at all we’ve accomplished. We moved the
B: We got rid of the abandoned car in front of the house.
A: The neighbors are finally quiet after 10:00 pm.
B: And we have flowers in the front yard. Did I forget something?
A: You never built the bookshelf.

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