Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dialogue Workout 71

A: What kind of car are you planning to buy?
B: I haven’t decided. Something economical.
A: I heard Toyota Tercels are economical. They don’t use a lot of gas.
B: How do they handle on the highway? Do you know?
A: No, I don’t. I’ve never driven one.
B: Actually, I’m thinking about a VW Golf. I’d like to drive to LA and visit relatives.
A: Tercels are the most efficient car on the market.
B: My aunt and uncle have a Tercel, and they hate it.
A: Really? Why?
B: They said it doesn’t drive very smoothly.
They’re thinking of selling it and buying a Golf.
A: No kidding? Well, as I said, I’ve never driven a Tercel.
B: No, you might be right.
I’ll test drive a Tercel and see how it feels.
A: Guess what? I’m going to LA next week.
B: How are you getting there, by car or by plane?
A: That’s a tough choice. What do you think?
B: If I were you, I’d fly. You can always rent a car in LA.
A: Actually, I was thinking of driving. It would be cheaper.
B: You have a point. But it takes a lot longer to drive.
A: It’s not that much cheaper when you figure how much gas costs these days.
B: I know. Gas is really expensive.
A: And I heard it’s going to get even more expensive.
B: Still, I would save money driving instead of flying.
A: You’re probably right. Do you have a place to stay down there?
B: Yes, I’m staying in my aunt and uncle’s guest room.
A: Which freeway are you going to take?
B: I’m considering taking the coast route, Highway 101. What do you think?
A: Highway 5 is a lot faster. You save about two hours.
B: True. But 101 is much more scenic.
A: There’s a nice restaurant just off Highway 5. It’s called Harris Ranch.
B: I plan to drive the coast route and enjoy the scenery.
A: What’s your plan? Are you going to drive your new Golf down there?
B: Yes, and I’m very excited. I’ve never driven to LA before.
A: Are you driving to LA by yourself?
B: Yes. I asked Sally to go with me, but she’s too busy.
A: Be very careful. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.
B: No. If I feel sleepy, I’ll pull off the road and take a nap.
A: If you get lost, you can look at your map.
B: I always take a map with me because sometimes I like to go on side trips.
A: Oh? What side trip are you going on this time?
B: I want to drive around Santa Barbara a little. I’ve never been to Santa Barbara.
A: The coast is nice and Santa Barbara is beautiful.
B: I might grab a meal in Santa Barbara before I go to LA.
A: Do you think I can get to LA on one tank of gas?
B: I doubt it. I’m sure you’ll have to stop at a gas station.
A: That’s okay. I’ll have to stop anyway to eat dinner.
B: Where are you thinking of eating dinner? Burger King or MacDonalds?
A: I refuse to stop at any of those fast food restaurants.
I want a nice meal if I’m going to drive for seven hours.
B: Good luck finding a decent restaurant off Highway 101.
A: How was your weekend in LA? Did you enjoy driving down there?
B: I took your suggestion and drove Highway 5. It was pretty fast.
A: Did you stop at the Harris Ranch?
B: Yes, I had a real nice dinner there.
A: You weren’t disappointed by the scenery?
B: I didn’t care for the scenery much,
but I brought some good music so I was entertained.
A: I drove back to San Francisco by the coast route.
B: It must have taken much longer.
A: Yes, it took a lot longer. But the scenery was very nice, especially the ocean.
B: Did you stop in Santa Barbara as you had planned?
A: Yes, I did. I drove around Santa Barbara and had a bite to eat there.
B: I’m glad you enjoyed your trip in spite of everything.

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