Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dialogue Workout 80

A: Who let the cat out of the bag? Now Patricia knows about the suprise party.
B: There’s no need to get hot under the collar.
A: No? But Patricia won’t be surprised at all.
B: I think we can still have a fine party. Knowing the truth about the party is the least of Patricia’s worries.
A: I guess you’re right. She’s going to have a baby in two months.
B: It’s their first. They’re both very excited.
A: Do you want to go dancing tonight or see a movie?
B: It’s all the same to me. I would be happy doing either.
A: I know that I’m asking you out on the spur of the moment, and you haven’t thought it over.
B: I don’t know. It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. Whatever you decide is okay with me.
A: Since the movie isn’t supposed to be all that hot, maybe we should go dancing.
B: I’d rather go to the movie and take our chances.
A: Hi, Eva. This is Yolanda. Isn’t it wonderful about Patricia? She’s pregnant.
B: I hope it’s good news. I hope they can handle the added responsibility.
A: Eva, are you all right? You sound nervous.
B: I’m tearing my hair out, I’m so worried about them.
A: But Eva, you’re going to be a grandmother. You ought to be tickled pink about that.
B: As a matter of fact, I am. But I’m still losing sleep over this turn of events.
A: Just because Patricia is on the nest, she isn’t going to lose her job.
A: Her friends are throwing a surprise baby shower for her.
B: She already knows. Some loony let the cat out of the bag.
A: Jose really feels left out. His friends should take him for a night on the town.
B: It just so happens he got a call this afternoon, but he wasn’t around to pick up the phone.
A: They both deserve to celebrate. After the baby arrives, their evenings will be pretty much sewn up.
A: I don’t know about that, Yolanda. I think the couple plans to use us as baby sitters every once and a while.
B: Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.
A: In fact, I’m kind of looking forward to taking care of a little one.
B: So am I. It’s been a long time since I took care of an infant. I must admit, I’m a little rusty.
A: But I warn you. Having a baby in your house might take a little getting used to.
B: I wouldn’t mind doing it now and then, as long as it’s not a steady diet.
A: Jose, I think we’d better jump in the car and head to the hospital. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
B: Oh, my God. Not now. I forgot to put gas in the car. It slipped my mind.
A: Gas or no gas, Jose, we’ve got to hurry. There’s no time to lose.
B: Patty, we’re going to run the risk of being out of gas if we don’t stop at the station.
A: That’s easy for you say, you’re not the one who is going through this.
B: I want to get us to the hospital in one piece, okay?
A: Have you heard latest news? Patricia gave birth to a darling little girl.
B: Oh, how sweet. How are the mother and father holding up?
A: They’re all at the hospital together. They’re doing just fine. Jose is grinning ear to ear.
B: He should be proud of his wife. She was very brave and strong through it all.
A: He’s very lucky to be married to Patricia. I think they’re going to be great parents.
B: They’re both wet behind the ears when it comes to raising a child, but they’ll learn the ropes.
A: This is the conclusion of the dialogue workout.
B: Eight hundred conversations is a lot of gab.
A: That’s for sure. Since I started talking English, no one can shut me up.
B: Yes. You used to speak very slowly. Now you’re chattering a mile a minute. Can’t you let me get a word in edgewise?

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