Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dialogue Workout 75

A: How long have you been living in San Francisco?
B: For only six months. I like it. It’s a nice city.
A: It’s a lot colder and wetter than your country, isn’t it?
B: I don’t mind living in a colder climate.
A: There’s a lot of traffic on the freeways and streets.
B: Yes, but, if you avoid driving downtown, the traffic doesn’t bother you.
A: Were any relatives of yours living here when you arrived?
B: Yes, my brother had been living here for about six years.
A: Was he able to show you around a little?
B: Yes, he helped me a lot because I had never shopped in an American supermarket before.
A: Had you ever eaten American food before coming here?
B: No, I hadn’t. Since coming here, I’ve had a couple of hamburgers, but they’re nothing to write home about.
A: What are you planning do over the next six months?
B: Of course, I would like to learn more English.
A: Do you plan to take some courses at City College?
B: Yes, now that I’m settled and have an afternoon job, I’d like to take some courses in the morning.
A: Houses are very expensive here. Are you thinking of buying a house eventually?
B: That’s way in the future. I have to be able to make a living first.
A: Where were you living before you came to the US?
B: I lived in El Salvador for most of my life.
A: What do you remember most about El Salvador?
B: I remember the beautiful beaches, the green tropical trees, and the delicious food.
A: Do you have any plans to visit your country soon?
B: Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m thinking of going there in August, before Fall Semester.
A: How did you spend your first day in San Francisco?
B: We got in my brother’s car and took a tour of the city.
A: Did you see Golden Gate Park and Civic Center?
B: Yes, we did. Then, we went for a drive over the bridge and visited Sausalito.
A: Did you have any trouble finding your way around?
B: Not really. My brother is very familiar with the Bay Area, and he showed me everything.
A: Do you miss your family in Mexico?
B: Yes, I do. I haven’t seen them in about two years.
A: Do you talk with them on the phone?
B: Yes. I’ve been calling them about once a week since I got here.
A: What kind of work does your father do?
B: He drives a tractor. He’s been driving tractors since he was 25 years old.
A: Tell me about your life in San Francisco.
B: I like my current job better than the one I had before.
A: What kind of job did you have when you first came to this country?
B: I worked as a cook’s helper. I had to get up at 4:00 am every day.
A: Since you left that job, what have you been doing?
B: I’ve been working as a mechanic for a good service station.
A: What impressed you your first day here?
B: I was amazed to see the large buildings. I had never seen such large buildings before.
A: Yes, the buildings are large. Especially downtown.
B: I was frightened of the freeway. I had never seen a freeway before.
A: That’s right. The cars go very fast on it.
B: I was confused to see people without homes. I had never seen so many homeless people before.
A: What country is Sylvia from?
B: Nicaragua. She’s been here for one year.
A: Does she have a job or is she looking?
B: She has a job as a housekeeper. She’s had that job for about four months.
A: What does she do when she finishes work?
B: She eats dinner quickly then goes to school. She’s
on a very tight schedule.

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