Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dialogue Workout 74

A: “Mission to Mars” wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t the worst.
B: I’ve seen better movies. The characters weren’t especially interesting.
A: The best thing about the movie was the coke and the popcorn.
B: I didn’t especially like the popcorn. It had too much butter on it.
A: The special effects were exciting. I really believed those people were in space.
B: I thought the story was unbelievable.
A: Could you tell me how to get to the movie theater from here?
B: I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m new here. I don’t know my way around the city.
A: Thank you anyway.
B: Why don’t you ask that young man over there? He looks like he’s been living here a while.
A: Which young man are you talking about?
B: That one with the red cap. I’m sure he’ll be able to help you.
A: Excuse me, can you tell me where “Mission to Mars” is showing?
B: I believe it’s showing at the Metro Cinema.
A: Do you happen to know when it starts?
B: I don’t know when it starts. But you can find out by looking in the Chronicle.
A: Yes, here it is. It’s in the Datebook Section.
B: This is yesterday’s paper. You can check today’s schedule by calling this number.
A: How did you like the movie?
B: Well, to tell the truth, I was a little disappointed.
A: Disappointed? Why? It got great reviews, didn’t it?
B: It wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.
A: Really? All my friends told me it was the most exciting movie they’ve ever seen.
B: I really expected it to be a lot more interesting.
A: I prefer the movie “Mars Attacks”. In it, Jack Nicholson plays the President of the United States.
B: I saw it. I wasn’t as thrilled by it as you seem to be.
A: Really? Don’t you think the special effects were awesome?
5. (continued)
B: Actually, I thought the whole thing was rather ridiculous.
A: It was supposed to be funny. After all, it was a satire.
B: I hoped it would be more entertaining.
A: I think there’s too much violence on children’s cartoon programs.
B: I’m not sure I agree with you.
A: You’re not? But, don’t you think all that violence is harmful for children to see?
B: Not really. I don’t think most children are affected by it.
A: I don’t agree with you at all.
B: It seems to me that children know that cartoon violence isn’t real.
A: I think there’s too much sentimentality in afternoon soap operas.
B: I completely disagree with you. In my opinion, those shows are wonderful.
A: How can you say that? There’s nothing worse than those tear jerkers.
B: I believe the characters are completely realistic.
A: Realistic? No, they’re not. They’re totally phony.
B: It sounds to me like we have a difference of opinion.
A: What would you like to do after dinner?
B: I wouldn’t mind going to a movie.
A: That’s not a bad idea. We haven’t been to a movie in a long while.
B: Let’s check the paper to see if there’s anything interesting playing.
A: There’s an Elizabeth Taylor movie playing at the Castro. “Butterfield Eight.”
B: We’ve already seen it, remember? It was on Channel 9 last week.
A: It’s raining and the children are bored. Let’s take them to the movies.
B: Are there any children’s movies playing today?
A: As a matter of fact there is. The Walt Disney movie “Beauty and The Beast” is playing at the Castro.
B: Is there a matinee showing?
A: Yes, there is. It starts at 3:00 pm. Let’s go.
B: We’ll have to hurry. We have only a half hour. And we have to find a parking place.

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