Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dialogue Workout 73

A: I was supposed to go to the dentist, but I forgot.
B: Did you miss your dental appointment?
A: It completely slipped my mind. I’ve had my yearly physical, but I haven’t had my dental exam yet.
B: You’d better call the dentist office now and make another appointment.
A: I’ve been brushing my teeth regularly and using floss.
B: I wouldn’t worry about your teeth if I were you.
A: Something came up. I can’t go to the movies with you.
B: Oh, that’s all right. We can do it another time.
A: My boss told me I have to work a double shift today.
B: We can take a rain check. No problem.
A: Next weekend, if you aren’t doing anything, we can go.
B: Yes, I think I’ll be free next weekend. I’ll give you a call.
A: I went to see “Mission to Mars” at the Metro Theater.
B: I wanted to see it too, but I was busy. How was it?
A: You didn’t miss much. The story wasn’t very interesting.
B: I went to the museum. The paintings were exciting.
A: I want to go there. I haven’t seen their current exhibit.
B: I think you’d enjoy it a lot.
A: If you take a keyboarding class, you’ll learn to type 25 words per minute.
B: When do they offer keyboarding?
A: In the morning, from 8:30 to 12:15. Gloria Bautista is the teacher.
B: I’m really interested in learning about computers.
A: This class is a very good introduction.
B: I know how to type, but I type very slowly.
A: Have you taken the books back to the library yet?
B: Not yet. I plan to drop them off this afternoon.
A: They should have been taken back yesterday.
B: You’re right. They were due yesterday, weren’t they?
A: That’s all right. The fine is only ten cents a book.
B: I borrowed eight books. I’ll have to pay 80 cents.
A: Last week, somebody parked in front of my driveway.
B: What did you do? Did you call the police?
A: Yes. I had to call them. I didn’t have any other choice.
B: Did you give them the license number ?
A: Yes, I did. The police came about an hour later. The car was towed away.
B: There aren’t enough parking spaces in this city.
A: There will be a neighborhood meeting tonight.
B: Oh, good. I’ll be there. What are we discussing?
A: We’re discussing some neighborhood problems
B: There have been quite a few problems lately.
A: Yes, there have. There’s been a lot of noise from construction.
B: Yes, and sometimes it lasts until late at night.
A: There are other problems in our neighborhood.
B: People drive too fast. It’s dangerous for children.
A: That’s right. They should put up more stop signs.
B: Last week, I saw an accident that could have been avoided.
A: It wouldn’t have happened if there had been a stop sign.
B: If the neighbors speak up, we can make some changes.
A: Did you go to the meeting last night?
B: Yes, I did. Most of the neighbors attended it.
A: I’m sorry I couldn’t go to it. I had to work late.
B: It was the best meeting we’ve had so far.
A: What problems did the neighbors discuss?
B: We discussed crime, parking, drugs, and noise.
A: We didn’t decide on a location for the next meeting.
B: You can hold the next meeting at my house.
A: That’s very generous of you. We’ll probably accept your offer.
B: How many do you think might show up to the meeting?
A: I would guess around twenty-five people. Is that too many?
B: No, it’s not. Since I wasn’t able to come last night, I want to contribute something.

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