Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dialogue Workout 70

A: Tell me about yourself. How long have you lived in San Francisco?
B: I’ve lived here about four years. How about you?
A: I haven’t been here as long as you. I arrived two years ago.
B: A lot has changed in my neighborhood since I got here.
A: How long have you been attending classes at this school?
B: I’ve been studying English for the last two years.
A: I started studying English a week after I got here.
B: How do you feel about your progress?
A: I feel pretty good about it. I’ve learned a lot in the last six months.
B: I haven’t been able to come to class every day.
A: Neither have I. My work schedule changes every month.
B: I didn’t know a word of English when I first got here.
A: I had studied some English in High School before coming to the U.S.
B: My only English class has been at Mission Campus.
A: I’m not fluent yet. I need more reading and writing.
B: Have you studied other languages besides English?
A: No, I haven’t studied any other languages. It’s all brand new to me.
B: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
A: I have two older brothers. They live in LA. I go down there and visit them every now and then.
B: I haven’t been able to visit my relatives in Canada.
A: It takes time and money to go on a trip.
B: Yes, it does. If you drive, it takes a lot of time. If you fly, it’s expensive.
A: You have to be able to afford the trip. It’s not easy.
B: We seldom get two consecutive days off.
A: My brother Ray is working in computers in LA.
B: Really? What kind of computer job does he have?
A: He’s been repairing computers for quite while. He’s gotten several promotions.
B: My sister‘s husband is an engineer.
He makes pretty good money too.
A: I’m considering studying computer repair here.
B: Oh, do they offer a program in repairing computers at Mission Campus?
A: Yes, they do. They have a certificate program.
B: Do they place graduates of the program in jobs?
A: Yes, they do. If you’re interested in electronics, you should check it out.
B: I haven’t had a chance to look into all the possibilities.
A: I was telling you about my family. My brother Bill is a teacher.
B: My sister is a teacher also. She teaches in grade school
A: How long has your sister been a teacher?
B: She hasn’t been a teacher for a long time. Only four years.
A: Yes, my brother has been a teacher for about that long.
B: My sister Anna hasn’t been teaching for a year.
She’s been taking care of her new baby.
A: Was she able to get a maternity leave?
B: Yes, she was. She’ll be able to return to her job in a year.
A: I might have to go down to LA next week.
My brother is moving and needs my help.
B: How long do you think you’ll be gone?
A: I might be gone for a couple of weeks.
B: Will your employer excuse you from your job?
A: Yes, he agreed to give me time off in exchange for extra hours.
B: I asked my boss for only a couple of days off, and she
said she’d think about it.
A: It’s a shame the boss is in such a bad mood.
B: I agree. I wish she were in a better mood.
A: Me too. I was hoping I could ask her for a couple of days off.
B: It looks like that’s out of the question.
A: I wanted to go to Sacramento. My niece is getting married there. I wanted to attend her wedding.
B: The boss is under a lot of stress right now.
A: Will you be able to go to your niece’s wedding?
B: Yes, the boss finally agreed to let me go.
A: That’s great. She really is a very fair person.
B: I know. It’s just that sometimes she’s stressed out.
A: Right. The best thing is not to take it personally.
B: I promised her that I’d do some work on the train.

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