Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dialogue Workout 69

A: We are happy to have Elizabeth Taylor here today.
B: I’m very happy to be on your program, John.
A: Tell me, Elizabeth, where and when were you born?
B: I was born on February 27, l932, in London, England.
A: How old were you in your first movie?
B: I was nine years old in the movie, “There’s One Born Every Minute.”
A: You have acted with some famous performers.
B: Yes, I was in two movies with Lassie, the dog.
A: But your first big success was in “National Velvet.”
B: It was a horse movie. I won a horse race in it. I’ve always loved horses.
A: You weren’t just a child actress. You became a famous adult film star.
B: That’s right. I wanted to be a serious actress like my mother.
A: Many child actors don’t go on to be in movies as adults.
B: No, sometimes an actor can only get roles if she is young and cute.
A: You earned an Academy Award twice, didn’t you?
B: Yes, I did. The first time I won I was surprised. I didn’t like the movie I was in.
A: And the second time?
B: I played an unhappy wife of a professor. It was a good role.
A: May I ask you a couple of personal questions?
B: That depends on the questions, of course.
A: Have you ever been really in love?
B: Oh, what a question! Yes, of course, several times.
A: Exactly how many husbands have you had?
B: I’ve had eight, including my present husband.
A: Probably your most famous husband was the actor Richard Burton, am I right?
B: Yes. I met Richard when were playing in the movie “Cleopatra.”
A: Then, you and he were very often in the newspapers and magazines.
B: Like many famous people, we were always chased by reporters. We didn’t have much privacy.
A: It can be very difficult to avoid photographers.
B: Although I tried to be nice, I was often angry at them.
A: You’re 68 years old now. How do you feel?
B: I’ve had several health problems, but now I’m okay.
A: You have done a lot of work for AIDS, haven’t you?
B: Yes, I have. It’s a terrible epidemic. And we need to find a cure for it.
A: Do you still act in movies?
B: I haven’t been in a movie for a while, but I sometimes appear on TV shows.
A: Another of your famous husbands was Eddie Fisher.
B: Yes. Eddie and I were married for three years.
A: Did you and Eddie have any children?
B: Yes, we did. We had a daughter, Carrie. She became an actress also.
A: I remember seeing her in “Star Wars.” She was wonderful.
B: Yes, she was. I have several children and also grandchildren.
A: Your life hasn’t been free of problems, has it?
B: No, John. For several years, I had a drinking problem.
A: But, you successfully overcame that problem.
B: Yes, I did. I used to drink a lot with my husband, Richard.
A: He never got over his drinking problem, did he?
B: No, he didn’t. In fact, he died of alcoholism.
A: When you have a strong addiction, you can’t cure yourself. You need to get help.
B: So, you found help and now you’re better.
A: That’s right. I need all my energy for the things that are important to me.
B: For example, your fund raising for AIDS research.
A: That’s right. And also, my children and grandchildren.
B: You’ve certainly led a rich and exciting life.
A: Tell me, Elizabeth, what is your secret for remaining so beautiful?
B: Well, John, thank you for the compliment. I think beauty is inside a person.
A: Really? That’s an interesting idea.
B: Yes. If you are kind to people and if you have a good heart, it is easy to be beautiful.
A: Elizabeth Taylor, it has been a great pleasure to have you on my program.
B: I enjoyed talking to you and your audience, John

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