Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dialogue Workout 68

A: Look at this shopping list. Christmas is only a few weeks away.
B: You certainly have a lot of presents to buy.
A: I’d better go shopping today. If I wait until the last minute, I won’t find anything.
B: Why do have such a long list this year?
Last year your shopping list was a lot shorter.
A: My daughter married a divorced man.
He has six children from a previous marriage.
A: I wouldn’t buy presents for all those children.
B: I have to buy presents. I’m their only grandmother.
A: Do you know what the children want for Christmas?
B: I wrote a few things down in my notebook.
A: A dress, a dictionary, a wallet, a backpack.
These things could be expensive.
B: And you? Have you done your shopping yet?
A: I’ve decided I’m going to buy practical presents
for my children and grandchildren.
B: Practical presents?
A: Things they can use at school, at home, and at work.
B: Your shopping list is as long as mine.
A: I’m accustomed to buying a lot of presents at Christmas.
B: Could you give an example of a practical present?
A: My nephew wants a new shirt.
But, I’m going to get him a bicycle helmet instead.
B: What do you suggest I buy my grandson? He wants a toy train.
A: Buy him a pen and pencil set instead.
B: Of course, those things are practical. He will use them at school.
A: I’m buying sheets and pillowcases for my daughter and her husband.
B: They’re a lot cheaper than a new set of silverware.
A: Practical gifts are the cheapest presents you can buy.
B: Maybe we could pick up a bargain at a garage sale.
A: Don’t buy Christmas presents at a garage sale.
B: You’re right. I’ve never found anything at a garage sale I’ve really liked.
A: I think you should buy your granddaughter an umbrella and a raincoat.
B: That’s a good example of a useful present.
A: I haven’t gone Christmas shopping yet.
B: Why not? Do you realize that Christmas is only three weeks away?
A: I’m trying to think of practical gifts.
B: Do the children wash their hair and brush their teeth?
A: Have you heard of any one who doesn’t?
B: You should buy them toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner.
A: I need to buy some pillowcases and curtains. Do you have those items?
B: No. we don’t. You can find them in Household Furnishings on the Sixth Floor.
A: Could you tell me where I can buy CDs?
B: We don’t sell CDs. You’ll find them in Tower Records.
A: Is Tower Records near here?
B: Tower Records is right across the parking lot.
A: Christmas is only a week away. Haven’t you finished your shopping yet?
B: Not yet, but I’ve completed about half of my list.
A: I think your daughter will like the curtains. Your grandson will enjoy the CDs.
B: I’m having trouble finding a raincoat for my son in law.
A: A raincoat? That shouldn’t be difficult to find. Did you check the Men’s Department?
B: Yes, I did. The problem is my son in law is very short.
A: Excuse me, I’m looking for a raincoat for a short man.
B: Here are several short raincoats. This one is nice.
A: These are nice raincoats, but don’t you have any shorter ones?
B: No, I’m afraid not. These are shortest ones we have.
Do you want to try the Children’s Department?
A: Certainly not. My son in law is a grown up man.
B: I’m sorry we couldn’t help you.
Please come again when your son is a little taller.
A: I couldn’t find a raincoat for my son-in-law.
And I don’t want to buy him an umbrella.
B: What’s wrong with this raincoat? It’s on sale.
A: It’s too long. It would drag on ground if he wore it.
B: I suggest you get him a Macy’s gift card.
Then, he can buy his own clothes.
A: A Macy’s gift card? How much would it cost?
B: You can get a gift card for any amount you want.

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