Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dialogue Workout 66

A: Mother, I’m tired. I don’t feel like going to school today.
B: No wonder you’re tired. You stayed up until 2:00 am.
A: Can I sleep just a little longer? I’ll be on time for my 9:30 class.
B: But Joe, this is the fourth class you’ve missed so far.
A: I know, but I can catch up. Steve takes good notes.
B: You must not always rely on Steve or your other friends.
A: Why did you stay out so late last night?
B: There was a party at Steve’s house.
I didn’t want to leave. I was having too much fun.
A: Why did Steve have a party on a week night?
B: He wanted it because his parents weren’t home.
A: His parents weren’t home?
Were there any adults at this party?
B: No, there weren’t any adults there.
That’s why we had a good time.
A: I don’t want you to go to a party unless
adults are present. Did you drink anything?
B: I only had a couple of beers. And I had a little vodka.
A: Joe, you must not go to Steve’s house and
drink alcohol. Promise me you won’t do it again.
B: Before last night, I had never drunk so much alcohol.
A: Even though you have a hangover, you must get up and go to school.
B: All right. I apologize for staying out late and drinking. I’ll stay home tonight and study hard.
A: You told me you were going to Steve’s house to study English. You didn’t say anything about a party.
A: This is Washington High School. Is Joe ill?
B: What do you mean? Didn’t he come to school today?
A: He hasn’t arrived at school yet.
His first period teacher reported him absent.
B: There must be a mistake. He left for school a half hour
ago. He should be there by now.
A: Just one moment, I see his teacher now. I’ll ask him if Joe showed up.
B: Joe Adams. You’d better shape up fast or I’m going to be very upset.
A: It’s okay, Mrs. Adams. Joe is here. He was ten minutes late to class.
B: Ten minutes late? Why was he so late?
A: He would’ve been on time if he hadn’t missed the bus.
B: Why did he miss the bus today?
A: His teacher will mark him tardy, that’s all.
B: How many times has he been late for his first class?
A: Joe, we have to sit down and talk about this.
B: I don’t have time to talk right now. I have to go to Steve’s house.
A: Steve’s house? Is Steve having another party?
B: I’m going to Steve’s house to study English.
Steve is a good student. He said he would help me.
A: But that’s what you said the last time you went to Steve’s house.
B: I know. I wasn’t telling the truth. I admit it. I won’t drink anything except water or soda.
A: Before you go over there, listen to me a minute.
B: I don’t have much time to get ready.
A: You’ve been going to Steve’s a lot. You’ve been missing the bus and getting to school late.
B: All of that is going to change. I’ll do much better.
A: You haven’t been doing your English homework. You barely passed English last semester.
B: I know that. I’m working very hard. I read several pages everyday.
A: It is very important to do well in high school.
B: I have been listening to you for ten minutes.
A: You’ve been listening to me,
but you haven’t been doing the right thing.
B: Stop lecturing me. Can’t you leave me alone?
I want to be independent. I want to do what I want to do.
A: If you get bad grades, you will damage your future.
B: Oh, all right. I guess you’re right. I’ve decided I’m not going to Steve’s. I’ll stay home and study.
A: Hello, Mrs. Adams? This is Judy Wells. Do you remember me?
B: Of course, you’re Joe’s English teacher.
A: We met each other at the meeting we had last week.
B: Yes, I thought it was a very good meeting.
A: I’m happy to tell you that Joe got an ‘A’ in his last paper.
B: Well, I’m very pleased to hear that. Thank you for calling.

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