Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dialogue Workout 63

A: This is Mrs. Adams. I’m concerned about my son’s grades.
B: Would you like us to schedule a conference with his teachers?
A: Yes, that would be great.
B: We’ll go ahead and schedule the meeting.
A: Will you call me when it has been set up?
B: Yes, I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know what time.
A: I’m mostly worried about his English grade.
B: Well, I’ll make sure that
his English teacher is present.
A: He did rather well in math.
If his math teacher can’t make it, that’s okay.
B: I’ll try my best to notify all his teachers.
A: I can come to a meeting any day except Thursday.
B: All right. I won’t ask them to come on Thursday.
A: Hello, Mrs. Adams. I’m Tom Parker the school counselor.
B: Mr. Parker. I want to do what I can to help my son.
A: We’re all trying to help him. He’s having trouble with English.
B: I know that. I see him struggling with it.
A: His teacher tells me that Joe turns in homework late.
B: It’s very difficult for him to finish it on time.
A: I’m Judy Wells, Joe’s English teacher.
B: What can we do to bring up Joe’s grades?
A: For one thing, Joe should turn in all his homework.
B: Has he missed any assignments?
A: Yes, he has. Last week he failed to finish a book report.
B: Oh, dear. I didn’t know that.
A: Mrs. Wells, I would like to have a copy of the assignments.
B: Here’s a copy of all the assignments.
A: I wish I had this list earlier.
B: It’s not too late for Joe to improve his score.
A: What exactly is Joe’s problem in your class?
B: Joe makes a lot of effort, but English just isn’t easy for him.
A: Hello, Mrs. Adams. I’m Phyllis Jones, Joe’s math teacher.
B: Hello, Mrs. Jones. I’m pleased with Joe’s math grade.
A: So am I. I think your son has a lot of ability in math.
B: I’m mostly concerned with his English class right now.
A: Although you want to bring up his English, I think he could also improve in math. He should get an ‘A’.
B: I’d like to help him in math, but I’m not very good in math myself.
A: That’s all right, Mrs. Adams. I know he needs to improve in English.
B: I don’t want him to get behind in his English homework.
A: Certainly. But when he’s caught up, I’d like to give him extra credit work in math.
B: I’m sure he would enjoy that.
A: The extra credit work will help him with his final exam.
B: Joe gets a little nervous during exams.
A: How was the meeting with Joe’s teachers?
B: It went very well. It was important to get to know his teachers.
A: Did they suggest ways we can help Joe?
B: Yes, his English teacher recommended we hire a tutor.
A: That’s a good idea. But isn’t it expensive?
B: At the school they have a list of tutors that are reasonable.
A: Joe, you haven’t written your book report yet.
B: I’ll write it tomorrow, Mom.
A: But you and your friends are playing soccer tomorrow.
B: I’ll write the report tomorrow night.
A: But, Joe, you will be very tired tomorrow night.
B: All right. I’ll start writing it tonight. Will you help me?
A: Joe hasn’t done his math homework yet.
B: He usually leaves it to the last minute.
A: I’ve already spoken to him twice today about it.
B: All right, I’ll go talk to him. Maybe I can help him with his math.
A: His teacher said that if he gets stuck he can call.
B: I’ll try helping him first. If we can’t solve it, we’ll call his teacher.

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