Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dialogue Workout 59

A: I see you don’t have any experience in word processing.
B: That’s true. But I’ve been taking computer classes for the past year.
A: Why do you want to leave your present job?
B: I feel that my present job is too dangerous. I don’t like the working conditions there.
A: I’d like to check your references. Do you mind if I call your supervisor?
B: Not at all. Her phone number is on my application.
A: You don’t have any experience in electronics.
B: True, but I’ve been taking electronics classes for two years.
A: Why are you interested in a career in electronics?
B: I’ve always wanted to get into electronics.
A: Because you lack experience, your starting salary will be low.
B: I understand that I will start at the bottom of the pay
A: I’m Sandra Thompson. I’m starting work here today.
B: I don’t have your name in my file. Who hired you?
A: Mr. Parsons interviewed me. He told me to report to work today.
B: The supervisor hasn’t arrived yet. Please have a seat.
A: Am I supposed to fill out any forms?
B: Yes, this is the company’s insurance policy. You will need to name a beneficiary. And this is the W2 form.
A: Ms. Thompson, have you written the letters yet?
B: Not yet. I’m writing them now. I’m just getting acquainted with your computer program.
A: Have you made the phone calls I asked you to make?
B: Not yet. I plan to make them later this afternoon.
A: That’s all right. This is your first day. Have you had a cup of coffee?
B: No, I haven’t had any coffee. I haven’t had any time.
A: Have the prices been marked on the items yet?
B: They haven’t been marked yet. I’m doing it now.
A: How about the shelves? Have they been stocked?
B: Yes, they have. I’ve already stocked all of the shelves
A: Have the floors been cleaned yet?
B: Yes, I’ve already cleaned and polished the floors.
A: I would like to apply for the computer technician job.
B: How much experience do you have in this field?
A: I haven’t finished the training program yet.
B: I’m sorry, I can’t help you. When you finish the training program, I’ll be able to offer you a job.
A: After I complete the training, I’ll come back.
B: When you come back, I’ll give you an application.
A: I’m interested in a job as a secretary.
B: Have you completed the clerical training program yet?
A: Yes, I’ve already completed the training.
B: Do you know how to use Word Perfect?
A: No, I didn’t learn how to use Word Perfect, but I can type 65 words per minute.
B: I can’t help you right now. If you knew how to use Word Perfect, I would send you for an interview.
A: You’ve been hired. How did you find your new job?
B: I went to the employment agency. I knew they had listings.
A: Did they contact the employer for you?
B: Yes, they did. They also faxed my resume to him.
A: That must have been very convenient for you.
B: It was very convenient. It saved me hours of work and lots of shoe leather.
A: I was interviewed for a good position yesterday.
B: You were? How did you hear about the position?
A: I heard about it at the job fair. I talked to the company’s representatives. They liked my resume.
B: Do you have a pretty good chance to land that job?
A: I think I have as good a chance as anyone applying.
B: I definitely think they should hire you. I know you’re very competent.
A: I was fired from my job yesterday, but that’s okay.
B: Why do you think you were fired?
A: I didn’t like my supervisor, and I made it clear to him.
B: Oh, I don’t think you should have done that.
A: I had to do something. He was mistreating some of the employees.
B: But don’t you think it would have been better to report his actions to the employer?
A: I don’t think that would have helped. The employer is the supervisor’s father.

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