Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dialogue Workout 55

A: Last week, I went to Sacramento on business.
B: I figured you were out of town. I tried to call you a few times. I left a message on your machine.
A: I talked to a man named Charles Cooper. I had an appointment with him.
B: What did you discuss with him?
A: I was interested in possibly buying his grocery store.
B: That’s interesting. Why does he want to sell it?
A: Mr. Cooper made me a pretty good offer, but I turned it down.
B: What was your reason for turning it down? Doesn’t he have a good business?
A: The price was too high. The location wasn’t the best.
B: What bothered you about the location?
A: His store is ten blocks from the State Capitol Building.
B: That doesn’t sound like a bad location at all.
A: No. It’s a good location for Sacramento. The trouble is, it’s Sacramento. I’d rather open a business here.
B: But you have to admit, it’s a lot more expensive in San Francisco.
A: I prefer the weather here to the weather in Sacramento.
B: Oh, so you prefer cool weather to hot weather.
A: You got it. Sacramento is a lot hotter than San Francisco.
A: Why does Charles Cooper want to sell his store? I’m curious.
B: He’s tired of that business. He says it’s time for a change.
A: I can understand that. What’s he interested in?
B: He’d like to go back to school and study computer science.
A: There certainly is a future in computers. Maybe you should consider learning computers also.
B: But, actually, I prefer to deal with people.
A: I’m thinking of going on another business trip.
B: Really? Where are you going this time?
A: Back to Sacramento. Mr. Cooper just lowered his price.
B: So, now you’re very excited about buying it.
A: Well, it’s much more affordable than it was.
B: It must be expensive to keep making these trips.
A: Not really. I take Amtrak. It’s only $25.00 round trip.
B: That’s not bad. But I thought you got Amtrak in Oakland.
A: You can take an Amtrak bus from the Ferry Building.
B: How much does the Amtrak bus cost?
A: It’s free if you purchase a train ticket. The bus takes you to Emeryville where you catch the train.
B: How long does it take to get to Sacramento by train?
A: It only takes two hours and the view is terrific.
B: I would like to take the train to Sacramento sometime.
A: It’s easy to find your way around Sacramento.
B: It is? Is it easier than San Francisco?
A: It’s much easier. All the streets are either numbers or letters.
B: I always get lost in San Francisco. It’s frustrating.
A: When I move to Sacramento, you can visit me.
B: Thanks for the invitation. But is there anything to do there?
A: Certainly there is. Sacramento doesn’t have a lot of culture, but it has the Golden State Museum.
B: I’d like to visit the State Capitol. That would be interesting.
A: There are a number of fairly good restaurants.
B: I’m looking forward to going there by train.
A: Will you have to take out a loan to buy that store?
B: No, I have two wealthy uncles. I am borrowing from them.
A: Uncles? That’s fortunate. Are they charging you interest?
B: No, it’s an interest free loan because they are family.
A: Your uncles must have a lot of confidence in you.
B: Yes. They think this business is a good investment.
A: What about you? Are you thinking of opening a business?
B: Years ago, I thought about opening a restaurant.
A: You did? What happened to that idea?
B: I don’t know. I guess I got cold feet. I felt it was too risky.
A: Maybe. It depends on the location and the quality.
B: I like my job now. It’s not very exciting, but it’s secure.

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