Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 50

A: I have great news. Jose graduated.
B: Patricia finished college, too.
A: Jose and Patricia are getting married.
B: I know, isn’t that wonderful?
A: They’ve wanted to get married for a long time.
B: That’s right. I’m glad they waited.
A: Jose has very good training in computers.
B: I heard he had several job offers.
A: Patricia is getting her teaching credential.
B: When is their wedding going to be?
A: It will be in June. They’re planning a big one.
B: I’m very excited. And I’m sure they are, too.
A: Hello, Mrs. Sanchez? This is Yolanda Harris.
B: Yolanda. It’s nice to hear your voice.
A: I want to help with the wedding.
B: Oh, thank you, Yolanda. We sure need help.
A: I know. You’re planning to have a big one.
B: They have so many friends and relatives.
A: We could use help sending invitations.
B: I’d be glad to help send invitations.
A: Jose needs to choose a best man.
B: He hasn’t chosen one yet? I’ll talk to him.
A: Patty has already chosen her maids of honor.
B: Does she have the flower girls yet?
A: There are so many decisions to make.
B: Have you decided about the reception.
A: No, we haven’t. What’s your suggestion?
B: We should have it in the church basement.
A: Is the church basement suitable?
B: Yes, it is. It’s very large and very clean.
A: Hello, Yolanda? This is Eva Sanchez.
B: Eva, are you all right? You sound nervous.
A: I am nervous. The wedding is in two weeks!
B: Don’t worry. All the invitations have been sent.
A: Yes, but we need to have a rehearsal.
B: That’s true. We’d better schedule one.
A: This is it. The big day. I’m very nervous.
B: Don’t be nervous, Jose. There’s no reason.
A: No reason to be nervous? Are you crazy?
B: Jose, it’s only your wedding day.
A: I don’t want to get married. I’m too scared.
B: Don’t be scared, Jose. You love Patricia!
A: This is it, mother. I’m getting married.
B: Yes, but Patricia, you’re late. Hurry up.
A: I don’t want to hurry. I want to look just right.
B: Patricia, you combed your hair too much.
A: My fingernails look terrible. My lips are ugly.
B: Patricia, you look great. Now, will you hurry?
A: Jose, do you take Patricia to be your wife?
B: I do. And I’m very happy about it.
A: Do you have a token of your commitment?
B: Yes, I have a wedding ring somewhere.
A: You have a wedding ring somewhere?
B: Yes. But I lost it. No. Here it is. Here, Patty.
A: Oh, look. The groom and bride are kissing.
B: Yes, they are. Don’t cry, Eva.
A: My little girl isn’t little any more.
B: No. And my son is all grown up. Look at him.
A: Stop crying, Yolanda. The wedding is over.
B: Let’s go drink some champagne at the reception.

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