Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 49

A: What’s the work schedule?
B: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
A: I heard there was night work also.
B: That’s right. There’s night work 3 or 4 times a month. Is that okay?
A: Yes. Some night work is no problem for me.
B: Good. I’ll see you on Monday.
A: How much overtime work is there?
B: You’ll work overtime about once a month.
A: Good. A little overtime isn’t a problem for me.
B: Do you know about the fringe benefits?
A: No, I don’t. Please tell me about them.
B: Employees get one sick day per month.
A: That’s very fair. How about paid holidays?
B: Yes. We have paid holidays as well.
A: How many paid holidays do we get per year?
B: You will get ten paid holidays per year.
A: I would like to know about the health plan.
B: All employees have health coverage.
A: What shift do you work? Day or night?
B: I have been working days recently.
A: Oh? Did you use to work nights?
B: That’s right. I worked nights until last month.
A: How did you get changed to the day shift?
B: I put in a request with my supervisor.
A: Are you still working as a stunt man?
B: Yes, but I’m thinking of quitting.
A: You are? I didn’t know that. Why?
B: The work is too dangerous. I might get hurt.
A: Is that the only reason?
B: No. I want a job with better working conditions.
A: Could you help me with this form?
B: I’ll try. What’s your question?
A: I left my last job because my mother was ill.
B: I suggest you write “family illness.”
A: Where it says “reason for leaving your job?”
B: That’s right. That’s my advice.
A: I’ll try to answer your question. What is it?
B: I left my last job because I hurt my back.
A: I suggest you simply write “injury”.
B: Just write “injury?” Nothing else?
A: Yes. But tell them you’re okay now.
B: Okay, I will. Thanks very much for your advice.
A: You look tired. Is the job getting to you?
B: I’m afraid so. The hours are too long.
A: You should look for a job with shorter hours.
B: Yes, I think I should. I agree with you.
A: I also think you can find a higher salary.
B: Do you think so? I’ll try. Thanks for the advice.
A: Maria, hi. How do you like your new job?
B: I like it, but I’m afraid I will lose it.
A: Lose It? Why? I thought your work was good.
B: They like my work. But I have to quit.
A: Maria, you can’t quit. You’re a good worker.
B: I have to quit. I didn’t tell you. I’m pregnant.
A: Maria, you can request maternity leave.
B: Maternity leave? What’s that?
A: You have three months off with pay.
B: You mean I can have my baby and my job?
A: That’s right. It’s the company policy.
B: I’m so happy. I love my job. But, I want to be
a good mother, too.

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