Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 48

A: Could you help me fill out this form?
B: Sure. I’ll be glad to. What’s your question?
A: Should I list my most recent job first?
B: That’s right. List your most recent job first.
A: What about “reason for leaving?”
B: You can say the salary wasn’t high enough.
A: Yolanda found a good job last week.
B: What kind of job did she find?
A: She found a job as a waitress. It’s the job she was looking for.
B: How did she find it?
A: She looked in the newspaper every day.
B: Did she find the job through the paper?
A: No. She went to an employment agency.
B: Oh, really? What employment agency?
A: Acme Employment Agency. They have job listings.
B: Did they send Yolanda for an interview?
A: Yes, they did. She called and made an appointment for an interview.
A: The interviewer asked her many questions.
B: Did he ask her about her experience?
A: Yes. She told him she was a waitress before.
B: Did she want a part-time or a full-time job?
A: She told him she wanted a full time job.
B: She probably made a good impression.
A: She made a very good impression.
B: How did she impress the interviewer?
A: She typed her application form neatly.
B: That was a smart thing for Yolanda to do.
A: She also dressed very neatly on that day.
B: Now, she works in a good restaurant.
A: How much money does she make?
B: She makes ten dollars an hour plus tips.
A: That’s not bad. Is she off on weekends?
B: No, she works on weekends.
A: That’s right. Weekends are the busiest time.
B: Her days off are Wednesday and Thursday.
A: I need a job, but I don’t have any skills.
B: You can get vocational training at City College.
A: Oh, really? I thought they only had English.
B: That’s not all. You can learn many job skills.
A: I want to learn to be a mechanic.
B: They have classes in car repair.
A: Sylvio is working as a mechanic now.
B: How did he find that job?
A: He found it in the want ad section of the paper.
B: I didn’t know Sylvio was a mechanic.
A: He learned that job skill at City College.
B: I’m interested in learning computers.
A: Mission Campus has computer classes.
B: Do they have job training also?
A: Yes, you can learn word processing.
B: How will that help me find a job?
A: All companies use computers now.
B: A secretary has to know how to use one.
A: Hello, personnel department.
B: Hello, this is John Robinson.
A: Yes, Mr. Robinson, how can I help you?
B: I’m looking for a teaching job. Do have any openings?
A: Sorry, Mr. Robinson. There are none now.
B: Okay. Thanks. I’ll call back next month.

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