Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 47

A: When did you leave your country?
B: I left my country two years ago.
A: How did you feel when you arrived here?
B: I was sad for the first three months.
A: I think I know why you were sad.
B: I missed my family and friends.
A: How do you like San Francisco?
B: I enjoy being here. It’s a nice place.
A: Really? Don’t you think it’s too cold?
B: I don’t complain about the weather.
A: What about public transportation?
B: The bus system isn’t bad. It’s convenient.
A: Why did you come to The United States?
B: I came here to attend school.
A: What classes are you taking at Mission Campus?
B: I am enrolled in the G.E.D. program.
A: Oh? Tell me about the G.E.D. program.
B: I can get a high school diploma if I pass the test.
A: What will you do when you finish G.E.D.?
B: I will enroll in City College for two courses.
A: Are you going to get a certificate?
B: Yes. After two years, I will get a certificate.
A: Do you sometimes go back to your country?
B: Yes. I like to visit my country sometimes.
A: I want a job teaching sports to children.
B: Do you have experience in that area?
A: Yes. I volunteered at Saint Mary’s playground.
B: What kind of sport do you like to coach?
A: I enjoying coaching softball. I play it a lot.
B: I think you’re probably an excellent coach.
A: Tell me about your childhood.
B: They were the happiest years of my life.
A: Did you have a lot of friends?
B: No, I didn’t. We lived in the country.
A: Did you ride horses and feed chickens?
B: Yes, I rode horses and fed all the animals.
A: Tell me about your childhood.
B: I didn’t have a happy childhood.
A: Why not? Didn’t your parents love you?
B: Yes, but my country was in a civil war.
A: Then, it was a very dangerous time.
B: Yes, it was. I had to leave to save my life.
A: I miss my hometown. It is Merida, Mexico.
B: Yesterday you started to tell me about the Orange Festival. Please, continue.
A: We hold a special Orange Festival in October.
B: How do you celebrate that festival?
A: Everyone makes special decorations.
B: What kind of decorations do they make?
A: They make airplanes, flags, and flowers.
B: How long does the Orange Festival last?
A: It lasts for one week. The tourists love it.
B: Are you going to visit your hometown?
A: Yes, I want to see my family. I miss them.
B: You’ll probably go back there in October.
A: What city are you from?
B: I’m from Guang Zhou, China. It’s in the south.
A: Do you remember your childhood?
B: Yes, I lived in a big, extended family.
A: What languages do you speak?
B: I speak Cantonese and Mandarin.
A: Is Mandarin the national language of China?
B: Yes, it is. I learned it in school.

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