Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 46

A: What country is Sylvia from?
B: Nicaragua. She’s been here for one year.
A: Does she have a job or is she looking?
B: She has a job as a housekeeper.
A: What does she do when she finishes work?
B: She eats dinner quickly then goes to school.
A: What does Sylvia want to do?
B: Get a better job, but she needs English.
A: What kind of work is she interested in?
B: She would like to be a secretary.
A: She will need to take word processing.
B: Yes. She hopes to enroll in a computer class.
A: Sylvia was a secretary in her country.
B: Then, she has a lot of experience and skills.
A: Yes, she is very qualified for that work.
B: The only thing holding her back is English.
A: But, she’s intelligent. She will learn quickly.
B: I agree with you. I’m sure she can do it.
A: I had a difficult time when I moved here.
B: Why was your life so difficult?
A: I had three children when I moved here.
B: What about your husband? Did he come too?
A: I’m a widow. I had to raise the children myself.
B: You had to support them in a new country?
A: I don’t know how we survived.
B: You worked very hard to support them.
A: Yes, I did. I worked long hours.
B: Are your children all grown up now?
A: Yes, they are. Two of them are married.
B: That’s wonderful. Are you a grandmother?
A: I’m a grandmother now. I have two grandchildren.
B: After all your struggle, you can relax.
A: Yes, I can. I often visit my family.
B: And your English is much better than before.
A: My English? You should hear my children.
B: Don’t tell me. They talk just like natives.
A: It’s difficult to move to another country.
B: What is the most difficult thing?
A: The hardest thing is the language.
B: You’re right. You don’t have many opportunities.
A: If you don’t speak English, your pay is low.
B: After I studied English, things got better for me.
A: My first job here was as a baby sitter.
B: Did you work full time or part time?
A: I was a full time baby sitter. I had a lot responsibilities.
B: Tell me about your employer. Was she nice?
A: She was very nice. She helped me a lot.
B: I’m glad your first job was a good experience.
A: I have a good friend at the restaurant, Erik.
B: It helps to have a good friend at work.
A: He’s the chef. He explains how to make special foods.
B: How long have you known Erik?
A: I’ve known him for three years. We like to talk.
B: I ate at your restaurant last week. It was great.
A: I want to put my paycheck in savings.
B: That’s a good idea. You should save money.
A: But, I have a lot of bills to pay.
B: Then, you’d better put in checking.
A: I have been in this country for one year.
B: After you work for a while, you’ll be able to save.

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