Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 44

A: What are you giving your fiancee for her birthday?
B: I’m thinking about it. I can’t give her flowers.
A: Why not? She likes flowers.
B: I know, but I gave her flowers last year.
A: I have an idea. You should give her a bracelet.
B: I can’t give her a bracelet, unfortunately.
A: She already has too many bracelets.
B: I think you should give her a surprise birthday party.
A: A surprise birthday party. That’s a great idea.
B: You can invite all of her friends.
A: I will also invite her parents and grandparents.
B: It will be a wonderful surprise party.
A: What are you giving your parents for their anniversary?
B: I don’t know. I can’t give them a sofa.
A: I know you can’t You gave them a sofa last year.
B: I’m thinking about giving them a table.
A: But you gave them a table two years ago.
B: No, I didn’t. Two years ago I gave them a lamp.
A: Are you giving your boyfriend anything for his birthday?
B: I can’t decide. I know I can’t give him a shirt.
A: Why not? He can always use another shirt.
B: But I gave him a shirt last year. He won’t wear it.
A: How about a necktie? He needs one.
B: A necktie? I don’t think so. He never wears them.
A: Are you going to Anna’s surprise birthday party?
B: Yes, I am. But I can’t decide what to get her.
A: She loves to read biographies.
B: That’s right. I’ll give her a book about a famous politician.
A: I’m giving her a book about John Kennedy.
B: Don’t talk about it now. Here she comes.
A: Hello. What are you talking about?
B: We aren’t talking about anything important.
A: Are you planning a surprise birthday party for me?
B: Absolutely not, Anna. What gave you that idea?
A: I don’t know. Everybody is acting strange lately.
B: I want to buy a present for my parents. Their anniversary is soon. We’re talking about that.
A: Surprise, Anna. Happy Birthday, Anna.
B: Oh, my goodness! I really didn’t know.
A: You didn’t know about the surprise party?
B: No, I really didn’t. It ‘s a complete surprise.
A: All your friends are here, Anna.
B: Oh, it’s wonderful. Thank you, everybody. I’m going to cry.
A: Open your presents, Anna. Open your presents.
B: Oh, flowers. How nice. And a bracelet. It’s beautiful.
A: I gave you flowers last year.
B: Yes, but these are different flowers. I’m very happy.
A: He gave you a bracelet two years ago, remember?
B: But this is a better bracelet. It’s my favorite one.
A: Anna, it’s time to make a wish and blow out the candles.
B: I have a wish. I want to be with my good friends.
A: Don’t tell us your wish, Anna. It’s a secret.
B: Look. I blew out all those twenty one candles.
A: You got your wish. Let’s eat the cake.
B: I’m so happy. This is the best birthday ever.
A: Anna’s birthday party was successful.
B: Yes, it was. She liked all her presents.
A: She also enjoyed being surprised.
B: Yes, she did. But she wasn’t really surprised.
A: You don’t think so? Why not?
B: We talked about the party, and she heard us.

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