Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 42

A: How is Alberto doing in school?
B: He’s doing very well in Math. He’s getting an ‘A’.
A: That’s great. He must study very hard.
B: However, he isn’t doing well in English.
A: He isn’t? Is he having trouble with it?
B: Yes, he is. It’s difficult for him. He’s getting a ‘C’.
A: I recommend you ask about a tutor.
B: A tutor? What is a tutor?
A: If a subject is difficult, a tutor will help the student.
B: That’s great. How can I find a tutor?
A: Ask your son’s teacher. She might recommend one.
B: I’ll do it right away. Thanks for the advice.
A: Are you going to the school’s ‘open house?’
B: Yes, I am. I want to meet my daughter’s teachers.
A: It’s a good idea to meet the teachers.
B: Also, the teachers will explain about their classes.
A: I want to help my son with his homework.
B:I’ll see you at the open house.
A: Excuse me. I’m Mrs. Sanchez. I’m Dora’s mother.
B: Oh, yes, Mrs. Sanchez. It’s nice to meet you.
A: Could you tell me how Dora is doing in this class?
B: I’m happy to say, Dora is doing very well.
A: Oh, I’m glad to hear that.
B: She’s making a lot of progress. Don’t worry about her.
A: Excuse me. I’m Mr. Hernandez. I’m Pedro’s father.
B: Oh, yes. Mr. Hernandez. Nice meeting you.
A: Would you tell me if Pedro is handing in his homework on time?
B: Yes, Mr. Hernandez. He never hands it in late.
A: Oh, I’m glad to hear that.
B: Don’t worry, Mr. Hernandez. He’s one of my
best students.
A: Alberto is doing much better in English now.
B: That’s great to hear. Did he study with a tutor?
A: Yes, he did. And the tutor helped him a lot.
B: I knew a tutor would help Alberto.
A: Alberto’s grade in English is better. He got a ‘B”.
B: I knew Alberto would do well. He’s very smart.
A: Welcome to the school open house.
B: Thank you, but I don’t know where I should go.
A: Do you have your child’s class schedule?
B: No, I don’t. Where can I get a copy?
A: Go to the principal’s office. She’ll give you one.
B: I see her office. It’s across the hall.
A: Here is a copy of your child’s class schedule.
B: Where should I go next?
A: Go to Dora’s first class of day, in room 113.
B: I’m not sure where to find that room.
A: Here is a floor plan of the school. The room numbers are clearly marked.
B: Thank you for explaining everything.
A: Excuse me. I’m Mrs. Sanchez. I’m Dora’s mother.
B: Oh, Mrs. Sanchez. Your daughter is an excellent student.
A: I’m concerned about her social skills.
B: Yes. Dora is a little shy, but she has friends.
A: I think she’s a little afraid of the other students.
B: Don’t worry. She’s new here. She’ll get over it.
A: I have good news. Pedro is finishing high school.
B: Congratulations. When will he graduate?
A: He will graduate this June.
B: Does he have any plans for college?
A: Yes, he does. He’s going to U. C. Berkeley next year.
B: U. C. Berkeley? That’s a great school. And it’s difficult to get into.

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