Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 41

A: Is there a restaurant nearby?
B: Yes, there’s a MacDonalds at the corner of Mission and 24th.
A: But, MacDonalds is fast food. It’s not healthy.
B: Do you like Mexican food?
A: Yes, I do. It’s very delicious and healthy.
B: There are several Mexican restaurants on 24th.
A: Is there a produce market nearby?
B: Yes, there’s a produce market at the corner of Mission and 23rd.
A: Do they have fresh fruits and vegetables?
B: Yes, they do. Their produce is fresh and nutritious.
A: Is there a Walgreen’s drugstore nearby?
B: It’s across the street from the produce market.
A: Is there a bank nearby?
B: Yes, there’s a bank at the corner of Mission and 23rd.
A: Is it across the street from the produce market?
B: Yes, it is. It’s not difficult to find.
A: Do you know when they open?
B: I think they open at 10:00.
A: Is there a post office nearby?
B: Yes, there’s a post office at the corner of South Van Ness and 23rd.
A: Could you tell me when it opens?
B: I believe it opens at 9:00 AM.
A: How many blocks is South Van Ness from here?
B: I believe it’s three blocks from here.
A: How many blocks is the nearest Bart Station?
B: It’s just two blocks from here.
A: How often do the Bart trains run?
B: They run every ten minutes. Where are you going?
A: I’m going to Oakland. I need to apply for a job.
B: You can take the Bay Point Train.
A: Is there a good place to learn English nearby?
B: Yes, there is. I recommend Mission Campus.
A: Could you tell me where it’s located?
B: Yes. It’s at the corner of Bartlett and 22nd.
A: I already speak some English. Will that school help me?
B: Yes. They have classes from level 1 to 8.
A: Are there any parks in this part of town?
B: Yes, there’s a nice park on Dolores Street.
A: How many blocks is Dolores Street from here?
B: It’s only about three blocks from here.
A: Does that park have a playground for children?
B: Yes, it does. It has a very nice playground.
A: Are there any libraries nearby?
B: Yes, there’s a library on the corner of 24th and Bartlett.
A: Is it a large library? I need a large library.
B: Then, you should go to the main library.
A: Is the main library very far from here?
B: Yes. You have to take Bart and get off at Civic Center.
A: Did you hear about the new Mission Campus?
B: No, I didn’t. What about it?
A: There will be a new Mission Campus on Mission Street.
B: That’s great. When will it open?
A: In about three years. It will be very large.
B: That’s great news. Mission Campus needs a new building.
A: Is there a movie theater nearby?
B: No. There aren’t any movie theaters near here.
A: That’s too bad. I wanted to go to a movie.
B: There are several movie theaters on Van Ness.
A: Could you tell me how to get there?
B: Sure. Take the Number 49 bus and get off
at O’Farrell Street.

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