Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 39

A: Tell me what you did today.
B: I washed all of the dishes.
A: Did you take out the garbage?
B: Yes, I did. I cleaned the living room, too.
A: Did you do the laundry?
B: Yes. I did all the laundry.
A: Tell me what Julio did yesterday.
B: He swept the sidewalk in front of the house.
A: Did he cut the grass and trim the bushes?
B: Yes, and he pulled a lot of weeds.
A: Julio is an excellent gardener.
B: He can also paint. He wants to paint our kitchen.
A: Maria, when did you talk to Mr. Jones?
B: I talked to him yesterday around 2:00.
A: What did he say?
B: He said he would call again today.
A: Did you type all the letters
B: Yes. I typed all the letters you gave me.
A: Mr. Parker, when did you speak to Maria?
B: I spoke to her a few minutes ago.
A: Did you ask her about the new software?
B: No, I didn’t. What’s the question?
A: Does she understand how to use it?
B: I will ask her, but she seems very comfortable with it.
A: Tell me what the staff did yesterday.
B: The staff prepared all the food.
A: Did they deliver it to the party on time?
B: Yes, they delivered all the food on time.
A: Did they clean the kitchen thoroughly?
B: Yes, they did. They put everything away.
A: Did the painters finish the preparation?
B: Yes, they did. They completed the prime coat.
A: Did they have enough primer or did they run out?
B: They needed a couple of more cans.
A: Did they purchase those cans at the store?
B: Yes. The paint store added them to the bill.
A: Did the janitors finish the third floor?
B: Yes. They finished it an hour ago.
A: Did they find any car keys?
B: Car keys? No. Did someone lose car keys?
A: Yes. Mr. Parker can’t find his.
B: Well, none of the janitors mentioned car keys.
A: Did you repair the brakes on the Toyota?
B: Yes. I repaired them an hour ago.
A: Did you find anything unusual?
B: No, I didn’t. The brakes were worn out, that’s all.
A: Did you install new ones?
B: And, I drove the car. The new brakes are fine.
A: Did Renee check the spelling in the letters?
B: Yes, she did. All the words are correct.
A: Did she fold the letters and stuff the envelopes?
B: Yes, and she already put stamps on them.
A: When is she going to mail the letters?
B: She’s on her way to the post office now.
A: Mr. Parker, did you interview the applicants?
B: Not yet. I will interview them tomorrow.
A: Did you give them appointments?
B: Yes, I did. They all have appointments.
A: Mr. Parker, we need new workers right away.
B: I know. A lot of qualified people are applying.

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