Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 35

A: I saw you at Mission Campus yesterday.
B: Yes, I recognize you. You’re in my class.
A: We are both in Level Three.
B: Did you study at Mission last semester?
A: No, I didn’t. This is my first semester here.
B: I studied here last semester. I was in Level Two.
A: I took a test. They placed me in Level Three.
B: Did you study English in your country?
A: Yes, I did. I studied English in high school.
B: I didn’t study any English until I came here.
A: You started learning English in Level One?
B: Yes. I started learning English last year.
A: My kids speak English better than me.
B: I know. Kids learn to speak English quickly.
A: They learn in school, and in the playground.
B: I work in a restaurant. I hear English a lot.
A: Do you understand when people speak?
B: I don’t understand when people speak fast.
A: I couldn’t come to school last week.
B: You missed Chapter Six of the book.
A: Chapter Six? Thank you. I’ll study it at home.
B: I won’t be in school next week. I have to go to my country.
A: I’ll save the lessons for you.
B: Thanks. Here are the notes I took last week.
A: Olga couldn’t come to school last week.
B: I’ll give her copies of the exercises.
A: I couldn’t come to school yesterday. I was sick.
B: We read a story yesterday.
A: Could I have a copy of the story please?
B: Certainly. And here’s a comprehension quiz.
A: Are you studying English at Mission Campus?
B: No, I’m not. Is it a good place to learn English?
A: Yes, it is. They have classes at different levels.
B: Do they have computer classes there?
A: Yes. The computer classes are on the 4th floor.
B: I would like to study English and computers.
A: I want to take some classes here.
B: Do you want to take English classes?
A: Yes, I do. I also want to take a computer class.
B: Here, you can register for English classes.
A: What do I need to do first?
B: First you must take a test. We’ll see what level is good for you.
A: Congratulations. You did very well on the test.
B: Great. What level do I qualify for?
A: You qualify for Level Three. What time is good?
B: I would like a 10:30 class.
A: We have an opening in an 8:30 Level Three.
B: That’s too early. I work late at night.
A: I think I can get you in a 10:30 class.
B: A 10:30 class would be perfect. Is it possible?
A: There’s the teacher. I’ll talk to her.
B: Thank you. I appreciate it.
A: The teacher says she has an opening.
B: Great. How do I register for that class?
A: Here’s a pink form. Show it to the teacher.
B: And where can I buy the book?
A: At the book store on the first floor.
B: What book should I buy for this class?
A: The teacher will tell you what book to buy.
B: I’m sure I’ll enjoy studying at Mission Campus.

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