Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 29

A: I have a brother in New York.
B: Do you have any pictures of him?
A: No, I don’t. He sometimes writes to me.
B: Do you have any sisters?
A: Yes, I do. I have a sister in Los Angeles.
B: Is she married?
A: Yes, she is. She has two children.
B: What does her husband do?
A: He manages a clothing store.
B: Does your sister sometimes help him?
A: Sometimes. But she usually stays home.
B: She has to take care of her children.
A: She also has to take care of the house.
B: Does her husband sometimes help her?
A: Yes, he does. He helps her when he comes
B: What does he do around the house?
A: He washes the dishes after dinner.
B: How about you? Are you married?
A: I’m not married, but I have a girlfriend.
B: Where are you going now?
A: I’m going to meet her. We’re going shopping.
B: Are you going to the new shopping center?
A: Yes, we are. We’re going to have lunch there.
B: Well, thank you for telling me about your family.
A: How about your grandparents?
B: They’re both retired. They live in Miami.
A: Do you have a picture of your grandparents?
B: Yes, here is a picture of them.
A: Where are they in the picture? Is that Miami?
B: Yes. They’re standing in front of their house.
A: This is my son and my daughter.
B: Do they like to ride bikes?
A: Yes, they do. They always ride their bikes.
B: Do they sometimes take the bus?
A: My son sometimes takes the bus to school.
B: They look like they enjoy riding their bikes.
A: Does your husband help you at home?
B: Yes, he does. He usually cleans the kitchen.
A: Does he do the laundry?
B: We both do the laundry. He fixes things.
A: Is he good with his hands?
B: Yes, he is. Yesterday, he repaired our clock.
A: I have relatives in Canada.
B: That’s far away. Do you write them?
A: Yes, and in the summer, I visit them.
B: It must be nice . Do you call them?
A: I call them after 11:00. The rates are lower.
B: That’s right. It’s a long distance phone call.
A: Natalie is going to the post office.
B: Why is she going there?
A: She’s sending a present to her niece and nephew.
B: Where do they live?
A: They live in Canada. She’s sending each of them a CD.
B: How do I find a phone number in another city?
A: First, you must know the area code of the city.
B: I know the area code. It’s 562.
A: Then, you dial 1 plus 562 plus 555-1212.
B: That will give me information for that city?
A: It will. It’s long distance information.
B: Great. I’ll get the number and call my cousin.

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