Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 28

A: This is a nice photograph. Who’s is she?
B: That’s my sister. Her name is Laura.
A: And who is the tall man?
B: That’s my brother in law, Robert.
A: What are they doing in this photograph?
B: They’re standing in front of a lake in the park.
A: I like this photograph. Who are these people?
B: Those people are my parents.
A: I can’t believe it. They look so young.
B: They exercise often. They like to walk.
A: Where are they in this photograph?
B: They’re sitting on a sofa in their apartment.
A: Here is a picture of my two children.
B: They look very happy. What are they doing?
A: They’re laughing at me. I’m making faces.
B: How old are your children?
A: Sofie is eight years old, and Stevie is six.
B: Are they in school?
A: Sofie is in Third Grade. Stevie is in First Grade.
B: Are they both in elementary school?
A: That’s right. They both like their teachers.
B: What elementary school are they in?
A: They’re in Edison Elementary School.
B: This is a very nice picture of them.
A: This is very nice picture. Who are they?
B: They are my niece and my nephew.
A: What are they doing in the picture?
B: They’re playing cards.
A: Do they play cards very often?
B: No, they don’t. They’re playing cards because
it’s raining outside.
A: This is a picture of my son’s family.
B: Tell me who is in the picture.
A: The lady on the left is my daughter-in-law.
B: Is the man on the right your son?
A: And those are my two grandchildren.
B: Your grandchildren look very happy
A: This is a picture of my aunt, uncle, and cousin.
B: Where are they?
A: They are at their daughter’s graduation.
B: Is that their daughter?
A: Yes, my cousin. She graduated from college.
B: She’s carrying her diploma. She looks happy.
A: These are my wedding pictures.
B: Is that your bride?
A: Yes, it is. And that’s me. We’re dancing.
B: What are you doing in this picture?
A: We’re cutting the cake.
B: Do you have any more wedding pictures?
A: I have a few pictures of my English class.
B: I recognize that person. It’s me.
A: That’s right. You were in my class last year.
B: I recognize that person. It’s Jessica.
A: That’s right. Jessica was in our English class too.
B: And that’s you. You’re smiling and your arm is around the teacher.
A: Where do you keep your photographs?
B: I keep some of them in a box.
A: Where do you keep your family photos?
B: I keep them in a photo album.
A: I would like to see your photo album.
B: Most of the pictures are my daughter’s baby pictures

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