Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 27

A: What is the warmest season?
B: Summer is the warmest season.
A: What is the coldest season?
B: Winter is the coldest season.
A: What’s your favorite season?
B: I like autumn the best.
A: Do you like autumn the best?
B: Yes, I do. I like the different color leaves.
A: I thought that was fall.
B: Autumn is another word for fall.
A: Oh, I see. I like spring the best.
B: Why do you like spring?
A: I like to listen to the birds.
B: Also, the flowers bloom in the spring.
A: Yes, and the grass is very green.
B: Spring is a good time for cleaning.
A: That’s right. Also, I put away my winter clothes.
B: The weather is warmer in the spring.
A: Did you hear the weather report?
B: Yes. I heard it on television.
A: What is the weather report for tomorrow?
B: It will be sunny tomorrow.
A: Do you think the report is correct?
B: I hope so. I plan to go to the beach.
A: Do you think it will rain tomorrow?
B: I hope not. I like to be outdoors.
A: What are you planning to do?
B: I want to go fishing tomorrow.
A: The weather report says it might rain.
B: If it rains, I’ll stay home.
A: Does it ever snow in San Francisco?
B: No, it never snows in the Bay Area.
A: Does it snow anywhere in California?
B: Yes, it snows in the high Sierra.
A: Good. I want to go skiing.
B: There are many places to ski in the mountains.
A: What’s the weather like now?
B: It’s very windy outside.
A: Is it often windy in San Francisco?
B: Yes, it is. We live near the ocean.
A: Is it cold outside too?
B: Yes, it is. You should wear your jacket.
A: Oh, look. It’s raining very hard.
B: It’s raining? Oh, no. I didn’t bring an umbrella.
A: The weather report says is going to rain a lot.
B: Is it going to rain tomorrow too?
A: Yes, it is. Don’t forget your umbrella tomorrow.
B: I won’t. I don’t want to catch a cold.
A: What’s the weather like now?
B: It’s very overcast.
A: Do you think it will clear up tomorrow?
B: Yes. I heard on TV it’s going to be sunny.
A: Oh, good. I’m tired of gray sky!
B: You will need your hat tomorrow.
A: It’s very hot outside. I’m sweating.
B: When is it going to be cool?
A: I heard on TV it’s going to be hot for a week.
B: I will wear a T-shirt every day.
A: This is good weather for swimming.
B: Yes, and I would like an air conditioner.

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