Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 26

A: I would like to invite you for dinner.
B: Oh, thank you. I would love to come over.
A: Can you come over this Saturday?
B: This Saturday? Let me see. Yes, that’ll be fine.
A: A few other people are coming also.
B: So, you’re going to have a dinner party.
A: That’s right. It’s a little celebration.
B: What are you celebrating?
A: My niece is graduating from High School.
B: That’s great. Should I bring anything?
A: Can you bring a salad?
B: Sure. I’’ll be glad to bring a salad.
A: Jose and Maria are having a dinner party.
B: I know they are. They invited us too.
A: What are you bringing to their party?
B: We’re bringing dessert.
A: Mm, good. What kind of dessert?
B: We’re bringing a chocolate cake.
A: The dinner party is going to start soon.
B: Is everything ready?
A: Yes, the main course is ready.
B: Well, then, why are you nervous?
A: We don’t have enough silverware and plates.
B: We can borrow them from the neighbors.
A: Excuse me. I’m sorry to bother you.
B: That’s okay. What do you need?
A: We don’t have enough silverware and plates.
B: How many people are coming over?
A: About fourteen people.
B: Don’t worry. We’ll lend you our silverware.
A: Our neighbors lent us silverware.
B: That was very nice. But we still need plates.
A: Why don’t we use paper plates?
B: I don’t want to serve food on paper plates.
A: I forgot. There are a lot of plates in the basement.
B: Bring them up quickly and we’ll wash them.
A: Now, it’s time to set the table.
B: I’ll put the place mats on the table.
A: Don’t forget to put a napkin at each place.
B: Also, I’ll put a glass and silverware for everyone.
A: We have to take good care of the silverware.
B: Yes, we do. It belongs to our neighbors.
A: Welcome to our house. Did you find it all right?
B: Yes, we did. Your directions were very clear.
A: Please, come in and sit down.
B: Thank you. You have a very nice house.
A: Let me take your jackets. I’ll hang them up.
B: Nobody else is here. We must be early.
A: Actually, you’re right on time.
B: So, everybody else is a little late.
A: I’m glad they’re late. We’re still setting the table.
B: Here is the salad.
A: Thank you for bringing it. It looks delicious.
B: Hilda and Ernesto are bringing a chocolate cake.
A: We had a successful dinner party.
B: I’m glad everybody had enough to eat.
A: I have to return the neighbor’s silverware.
B: And I have to put the extra dishes away in the basement.
A: Don’t put them away yet. I’ll wash them first.
B: I enjoyed the party. It was a nice celebration.

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