Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 25

A: When are you going to the dentist?
B: I have an appointment tomorrow.
A: Do you have a toothache?
B: No, I don’t. I’m only having my check up.
A: How often do you go for a check up?
B: I go to the dentist every six months.
A: Where are you going today?
B: I’m going to the barber shop.
A: Are you going to get a hair cut?
B: That’s right. I really need one.
A: Do you have to wait a long time?
B: No, I usually get my haircut right away.
A: What are you doing tomorrow?
B: I have to take my car to the repair shop.
A: Why? Do you have a problem with it?
B: No. It only needs to have a tune up.
A: How often do you get a tune up?
B: I get a tune up every year.
A: What is Steve doing tomorrow?
B: He has a problem with his computer.
A: Where is he going to take it?
B: He’s taking it to the computer repair shop.
A: I hope it isn’t a serious problem.
B: It might be. He has an old computer.
A: Is Maria going to repair her bicycle?
B: She can’t repair it herself.
A: Where is she taking it?
B: She’s taking it to the bicycle shop.
A: That’s a good idea.
B: It’s a good idea because they’re professionals.
A: My camera is broken and I can’t fix it.
B: You should take it to a camera shop.
A: That’s a good idea.
B: You shouldn’t try to fix it yourself.
A: I don’t know how to fix cameras.
B: At the camera shop, they’re professionals.
A: I’m going to the beauty shop today.
B: Why? Are you getting a haircut?
A: No, I’m not. I’m going to get a permanent.
B: Oh, I need a permanent too. Are they expensive?
A: Well, I paid twenty-five dollars the last time.
B: Twenty-five dollars? That’s a little expensive.
A: Where are you taking Rover?
B: I’m taking him to the vet. He needs shots.
A: That’s a good idea. He’ll be a healthy dog.
B: I have a very good vet. He loves animals.
A: You have a nice dog, too. Hello, Rover.
B: I’m sorry Rover licked you. He’s a very friendly dog
A: Are you having a problem with your sink?
B: Yes, I am. It’s always clogged.
A: You should try Liquid Plumber.
B: I already tried it. It didn’t work.
A: Then, I guess you have to call a plumber.
B: I’ll call one this afternoon.
A: Where are you going this afternoon?
B: I’m going to the nail salon.
A: What are they doing to your nails?
B: First, they’re going to clean my nails very well.
A: What will they do next?
B: Next, they’’ll cut my nails and polish them.

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