Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 23

A: How long will your uncle visit San Francisco?
B: Only for a couple of days.
A: Where is he going to stay?
B: He is going to stay at our apartment.
A: When will his plane arrive at the airport?
B: It will arrive here at 7:00 PM.
A: Where is he going after San Francisco?
B: He is going to take a trip to New York.
A: What does he plan to do there?
B: He plans to visit friends and relatives there.
A: Where is he going to stay?
B: He is going to stay with his nephew.
A: Hello, Uncle Jack. Did you enjoy your plane trip?
B: Yes, I enjoyed it very much.
A: Did you have dinner on the plane?
B: Yes, I did. But it tasted terrible.
A: Did you check some suitcases?
B: Yes, I did. I need to pick them up.
A: This is the baggage claim area.
B: My suitcases aren’t here yet.
A: We have to wait. They’re unloading them.
B: I think I see one of my suitcases.
A: There are lot of suitcases. Which one is yours?
B: That large brown one. Can you grab it for me?
A: Would you like to go sight-seeing?
B: Do you think there is enough time?
A: You will be able to see some sights.
B: I know San Francisco is a very interesting city.
A That's Golden Gate Bridge, over there.
B: It’s beautiful! Just like the postcard.
A: I want to take a picture of it.
B: I'll take a picture of you in front of it.
A: O.K. where should I stand?
B: Stand over there. That's right. Smile.
A: It’s difficult to smile when I feel so cold.
B: Here’s your jacket. Please, put it on.
A: Where are we now?
B: This is Civic Center. There's City Hall.
A: What's that new building?
B: That's the new Opera House. That's the library.
A: I'm hungry. Is there a restaurant nearby?
B: Yes, a lot of new restaurants just opened.
A: Good bye, Uncle Jack.
B: Good bye. I enjoyed San Francisco very much.
A: I hope you will come back next year.
B: I want to spend more time here.
A: You must hurry or you will miss your plane.
B: Yes. Oh, I almost forgot my suitcase. Thank you.
A: How was your uncle’s visit?
B: It was great. We had a good time.
A: Did he enjoy San Francisco?
B: Yes, he did. He enjoyed it a lot.
A: What did you and your uncle do?
B: We went sight-seeing.
A: It’s your uncle calling from Mexico.
B: Yes? Hello, Uncle Jack? Really? Sure, sure.
A: What does Uncle Jack want?
B: He forgot the souvenirs he bought.
A:So? Now what are you going to do?
B: I’m going to put them in a box and send them.

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