Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 19

A: Can you work the day shift next Monday?
B: Yes, I can. That’s okay. No problem.
A: Can you work overtime today?
B: I’m sorry, I can’t.
A: That’s all right. I’ll ask someone else.
B: I have to visit my father in the hospital.
A: Can you work the night shift next Thursday?
B: Yes, I can. That’s fine. No problem.
A: Can you come in early tomorrow morning?
B: I’m sorry, I can’t come in early.
A: I forgot. You have to take your children to school.
B: That’s right. I can’t be here until 9:00.
A: Can I have the day off on Wednesday?
B: Yes, you can. That’s fine. No problem.
A: I have to take my husband to the hospital.
B: I hope it’s not serious.
A: He isn’t feeling well. They’re giving him tests.
B: I hope your husband feels better.
A: Can I leave work an hour early tomorrow?
B: Yes, you can. That’s fine. No problem.
A: I have to pick up my wife at the airport.
B: Can you come in early tomorrow?
A: Yes, I can. What time should I come in?
B: I’d like you to come in at 8:00.
A: Excuse me, can you help me?
B: Sure. What do you need?
A: Can you help me move this box?
B: Sure. That box is too heavy for one person.
A: We have to move it to room 14.
B: You grab that end, and I’ll take this end.
A: Dora has to leave work early today.
B: Do you want me to work overtime?
A: That’s right. Can you take Dora’s place?
B: Sure. I’ll be glad to.
A: Dora has a doctor’s appointment.
B: I can do Dora’s job very well. Don’t worry.
A: Juan can’t come to work until 10:00.
B: Do you want me to come in early?
A: Yes, if you can. I need someone before 10:00.
B: I’ll be glad to come in early.
A: You’ll receive overtime pay for the extra work.
B: I can do Juan’s job very well. It’s similar to mine.
A: Sharon is quitting. She has a better job.
B: I’m sorry to hear that. She’s an excellent nurse.
A: We must hire someone to take her place.
B: I’m sure you will find someone.
A: Can you work extra hours for a while?
B: Yes, I can. That’s fine. No problem.
A: Julio is leaving the company. He’s moving.
B: That’s too bad. Julio is a good worker.
A: The foreman needs someone to do that job.
B: My brother is an excellent carpenter.
A: Can you talk to him today?
B: Yes, I’ll be glad to. I’ll ask him if he’s interested.
A: My brother is interested.
B: Great. Can you ask him to see me?
A: Okay. I already gave him an application.
B: Oh, great. I want to meet your brother.
A: He has a lot of experience.
B: That’s good. We need someone in that job.

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