Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 24

A: Can you help me move to my new apartment?
B: Yes. What time should I come over?
A: Come over this Saturday about 11 o’clock.
B: Where are you going to move?
A: To Valencia Street, between 23rd and 24th.
B: That's not very far. It should be easy.
A: How much furniture do you have?
B: I have a couch, several chairs, and a table.
A: What else do you have?
B: I have a coffee table and bookcases.
A: Do you have a lot of kitchen ware?
B: Yes, I have a few boxes of dishes and pans.
A: Olga is going to move this Saturday.
B: Does she need any help?
A: Yes, she does. I’m going there at 11:00.
B: I’m happy to help her too.
A: Do you have time this Saturday?
B: Yes, I do. If more people help, it’ll be faster.
A: Pacific Bell? Please disconnect my phone.
B: Are you moving to a new apartment?
A: Yes, I am. I’ll be out before noon on Saturday.
B: We’ll disconnect your phone right away.
A: Please, install a phone in my new apartment.
B: Do you want the same phone number?
A: Yes. I want the same phone number.
B: Could you give me that number again?
A: Yes. It’s 824-7234.
B: And your name is Olga Patterson?
A: That’s correct.
B: We’ll send someone over there tomorrow morning.
A: Everything is in boxes except the furniture.
B: We should carry the boxes first.
A: I’m glad you have a van.
B: Yes, It’s very large. It can carry a lot of boxes.
A: These boxes are heavy. What’s in them?
B: Books. There are three boxes of books.
A: I hope I didn’t forget anything.
B: Did you notify the phone company?
A: Yes, I did. They disconnected my phone.
B: Did you tell P.G. and E. to shut off your gas?
A: Oh, no. I didn't remember to do that.
B: You should tell them now. It’s very important.
A: What floor is your new apartment on?
B: It's on the third floor.
A: Is there an elevator in the building?
B: Unfortunately, there isn’t an elevator.
A: That’s okay. Some people will help us.
B: I’m glad you called Steve. He’s very strong.
A: We need another friend to help us.
B: Why don't you call your friend Bob?
A: I already asked him. He's very busy today.
B: We should start now.
A: Yes, we should. It will take us a few hours.
B: There are a lot of boxes.
A: It didn't take us very long to move.
B: No, we moved everything very fast.
A: Steve has a lot of experience.
B: Yes, he does. He carried many heavy things.
A: Your new apartment needs a coat of paint.
B: It sure does. Do you want to help me paint it?

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