Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 21

A: I’m glad it’s Friday.
B: So am I. I’m going to enjoy the weekend.
A: What are you doing tonight?
B: I’m going to Mary’s World Movie Theater.
A: Mary’s World Movie Theater? What’s that?
B: Mary shows international movies there.
A: That’s great. I love movies.
B: She shows movies from different countries.
A: Does she show French movies?
B: Yes, and she also shows Japanese movies.
A: That’s very interesting. I want to go there.
B: Let’s go there together.
A: Every night, you’ll see a movie from a different country.
B: What do you mean? I don’t understand.
A: On Monday night, Mary shows Italian movies.
B: How about Tuesday night?
A: On Tuesday night, she shows Spanish movies.
B: What kind of movie is she showing tonight?
A: Tonight, she’s showing an American movie.
B: You mean, every Friday night ...
A: Mary shows American movies.
B: And every Saturday night, she shows..
A: She shows French movies.
B: It really is an international movie theater.
A: Tell me, what do people do on Friday night?
B: They watch American movies.
A: And do they eat American popcorn?
B: That’s right, and they read about American movie stars.
A: Sally likes to watch Italian movies.
B: When does she go to Mary’s World Theater?
A: She goes there on Monday night.
B: What does she do there on Monday night?
A: She watches Italian movies.
B: Does she eat Italian snacks?
A: We won’t see Sally there tonight.
B: She doesn’t like American movies?
A: That’s right. And she doesn’t like popcorn.
B: Does she like to read about American stars?
A: No, she doesn’t. She thinks they’re boring.
B: She likes to read about Italian movie stars.
A: When does David go to Mary’s World Theater?
B: He usually goes there on Wednesday.
A: Why does he go there on Wednesday?
B: He likes Swedish movies.
A: Does David like Swedish snacks?
B: Yes, and he always reads about Swedish stars.
A: Does Olga go to Mary’s Theater?
B: No. She doesn’t like Mary’s movies.
A: What kind of movies does Olga like?
B: She likes English movies.
A: Mary doesn’t show English movies.
B: No, she doesn’t. Olga goes to another theater.
A: I like movies from all different countries.
B: You will like Mary’s World Theater.
A: I can go to Mary’s theater every night.
B: Yes, you can. And you will be happy.
A: I will eat snacks from different countries.

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