Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dialogue Workout 60

A: Hello, is this Joe’s Auto Repair Shop?
B: Yes, it is. How may I help you?
A: This is Mrs. Parker. I’m calling about my car. Has it been repaired yet?
B: Not yet. It’s being repaired right now.
A: How soon do you think it’ll be ready?
B: It should be ready by 4:00 pm. We’ll call you when it’s done.
A: Jack was able to repair the car very quickly.
B: He must have a lot of experience.
A: He does. He’s been a mechanic for eight years.
B: I’ll be sure and recommend him to my friends.
A: He looks tired. How many cars has he repaired today?
B: Believe it or not, he’s already repaired ten cars.
A: Your car isn’t ready yet. We’re still working on it.
B: I don’t understand why you’re still working on it. You’ve had it for three days.
A: To tell the truth, we can’t figure out
what’s wrong with it.
B: You can”t? But my friend Bob told me you were the best mechanic in the city.
A: I just don’t know how to fix your car, to be honest.
B: There must be something you can do for it.
A: The car is very poorly designed, for one thing.
B: Do you know how much I paid for that car?
A: I can understand your frustration, believe me. I’ve been in the same boat myself.
B: What are you saying? Are you saying I have purchased a lemon?
A: I’m afraid so. I would take it back to dealer and see if they can do anything.
B: I’ve already taken it there. They sent me to you.
A: I took my car to the mechanic and he couldn’t fix it.
B: Why wasn’t he able to fix your car?
A: He said I must have bought a lemon. I feel awful about it.
B: If I were you, I would get another opinion.
A: I love my car. I don’t want to get rid of it.
B: Of course, you don’t. You just need to consult a
different specialist.
A: I’ve given up trying to get my car fixed. It’s impossible.
B: Really? Are you going to buy another car?
A: I’m going to try to trade this one in and get a good used car in exchange.
B: Good idea. You’re making the best of a bad deal.
A: Exactly. I really don’t have any other options.
B: Don’t feel bad. It’s just a car.
A: I’m beginning to come around to that point of view.
A: Tom. I didn’t know you were coming to the DMV today.
B: Judy. I’m really glad I ran into you. Can you help me?
A: I’ll try. What do you need?
B: I’m applying for my learner’s permit today and I have to take the test.
A: Do you want me to ask you some questions so you can review?
B: Yes, I would appreciate it. Just one or two questions.
A: Are you allowed to cross a solid double line?
B: Definitely not. You can’t pass another car if there’s a double solid line.
A: When you see a sign that says “Yield”, what must you do?
B: You must give the right of way to the other driver.
A: Good again. Now, tell me if you see “Wrong Way Go Back,” what must you do?
B: You may keep going, but you have to be very careful.
A: No. “Wrong Way Go Back” means it’s a freeway exit, not a freeway entrance.
A: Thank you for helping me study for my test, Judy.
B: How did you do? Did you pass it?
A: Yes, I was lucky. I didn’t study for it very long.
B: You didn’t seem to know all the answers.
A: But, I knew the answers to most of the questions.
B: I haven’t applied for my Learner’s Permit yet. I’m here to get my ID card.
A: I have my Learner’s Permit, but I haven’t learned how to drive yet.
B: You should learn from a qualified instructor.
A: You’re right. But they cost money, don’t they?
B: They cost money, but they’re worth it.
A: Good advice. I’ll check out driving schools today.
B: I don’t think you’ll regret it. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

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