Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dialogue Workout 40

A: Mother, I want to marry Patricia.
B: But Jose, you’re only eighteen years old.
A: That’s true, but I have a very good job.
B: Yes. You’re an excellent carpenter, but ...
A: I can support a family with my salary.
B: I think you and Patricia should wait.
A: Hi, Jose. It’s nice to see you again.
B: Hi, Patricia. I just talked to my mother.
A: You look upset. What did she say?
B: She said we shouldn’t get married now.
A: My mother feels the same way. We should wait.
B: It’s difficult to wait. I really want to marry you.
A: Hello, Mrs. Sanchez? This is Yolanda Harris.
B: Oh, yes. You’re Jose’s mother, aren’t you.
A: That’s right. And you’re Patricia’s mother.
B: Yes. I think you’re calling because you’re worried.
A: I’m worried about my son and your daughter.
B: They’re too young to get married.
A: Well, Patricia really loves Jose very much.
B: I know. And Jose really loves Patricia.
A: However, Patricia is still in high school.
B: Right. And Jose just graduated from high school.
A: They should wait at least another year.
B: Jose needs to go to college.
A: Patricia plans to attend City College next year.
B: Don’t misunderstand. I like Patricia very much.
A: I like Jose, too. He’s a fine young man.
B: I would like to have Patricia for a daughter in law.
A: Jose will be a good son in law.
B: But after they finish college. That’s much better.
A: If Patricia has a baby, she can’t study in college.
B: If Jose becomes a father, he must work too hard.
A: They both need time to study.
B: I completely agree with you.
A: We must persuade our children.
B: I hope they listen to reason.
A: I agree with you, mother.
B: I’m glad you agree with me, Patricia.
A: We can wait two more years.
B: Yes. In that time, you can prepare for the future.
A: We will have a better marriage.
B: I want you both to be happy.
A: But Dad, Patricia and I love each other.
B: I know you do, but you need to study.
A: I have a very good job right now.
B: Did you say you wanted to learn computers?
A: Yes. But I said that before I met Patricia.
B: That shouldn’t make any difference.
A: Patricia, do you want to marry me?
B: Yes, Jose, but I talked to my parents.
A: I talked to my parents also.
B: Your parents agree with my parents.
A: They say we shouldn’t get married right now.
B: We should plan for our future.
A: I’m afraid to wait, Patricia.
B: Why are you afraid to wait, Jose?
A: I’m afraid you won’t love me after college.
B: I will always love you, Jose.
A: That makes me feel better. Okay, we’ll wait.
B: I’m glad we listened to our parents.

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