Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 20

A: What job are you applying for?
B: The receptionist job.
A: Do you have any experience?
B: Yes. I was a receptionist for two years in Brazil.
A: Do you enjoy telephone work?
B: Yes, I do. I enjoy telephone work very much.
A: We’re a very small office.
B: I met several people. I like them a lot.
A: You will handle a lot of phone calls.
B: Yes, I can see you are very busy here.
A: There’s also some paper work to do.
B: That’s all right. I can type fast.
A: We have some openings for cashiers.
B: Good. I’m very interested.
A: Tell me, where do you work now?
B: I work at Seven/Eleven in the evening.
A: Why do you want to change jobs?
B: Because I want to work mornings.
A: I need someone from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
B: That’s fine. I can come to work early.
A: Sometimes, you’ll have to work in the afternoon.
B: That’s fine. I can work in the afternoon.
A: Can you start work on Monday?
B: Yes, I can. That’s fine. I’ll see you on Monday.
A: Sandra is looking for a new job.
B: But, she already has a job, doesn’t she?
A: Yes, but she doesn’t like to work at night.
B: When does she prefer to work?
A: She prefers to work in the morning.
B: Here’s an ad for a day job. It’s at Albertson’s.
A: Do you want to see a photo of my family?
B: Oh, sure. Then, I’ll show you mine.
A: That’s my brother Andy. He’s a cook.
B: He’s good looking. Who’s this?
A: That’s my sister Laura. She’s a nurse.
B: You have a very nice family.
A: Are there any benefits at this job?
B: Yes, there are. We have medical insurance.
A: Great. Is there a paid vacation?
B: Yes. There’s a two week paid vacation.
A: And is there a dental plan?
B: Yes, there is. A dental plan is available.
A: I’m not applying. I don’t like that job.
B: Why not? What’s the problem?
A: The salary is low, and they don’t have benefits.
B: They don’t have medical insurance?
A: No, they don’t. And there’s no paid vacation.
B: That’s terrible. I’m not applying for it either.
A: What experience do you have?
B: I worked as a mechanic in San Diego.
A: How long did you work there?
B: I worked there for two years.
A: Why did you leave that job?
B: I left that job when I moved to San Francisco.
A: I applied for the waitress job.
B: Well, did you get it?
A: No, I didn’t. I don’t have enough experience.
B: You used to work as a nurse in Mexico.
A: That’s right. I like to help patients very much.
B: John Adams Campus has classes in nursing.

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