Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 38

A: Where’s Yolanda Harris going now?
B: She’s going to the bank.
A: What’s she going to do at the bank?
B: She’s going to open a checking account.
A: Is she going to the Bank of America?
B: Yes, she is. It’s not far from her home.
A: I would like to open a checking account.
B: Good. Could you please fill out this card?
A: And I want to deposit $200.00 in it.
B: I need to see two pieces of identification.
A: I would like to have an ATM card also.
B: Yes. It is our Versateller card.
A: You can use it at any of our ATM machines.
B: Is there a charge for using it?
A: No, because you have an account here.
B: How many checks may I write per month?
A: You may write an unlimited number of checks.
B: I would like to order some checks please.
A: Here are the different check styles.
B: I like these blue checks with the red flowers.
A: All right. I can order five hundred of those.
B: When will I receive my checks?
A: It takes about two weeks. Until then, you can use these.
B: Is there overdraft protection ?
A: Yes. There’s $500.00 overdraft protection.
B: What does overdraft protection mean?
A: If you overdraw your account, the bank will pay.
B: Do I have to pay interest on the overdraft?
A: Yes, you do. Overdraft protection is a bank loan.
B: I understand. Well, thank you for your help.
A: You might want to have a savings account too.
B: Yes, I’m very interested.
A: Our regular savings account pays 2 percent interest.
B: Is there a penalty for withdrawal?
A: No, there isn’t.
B: Good. I would like to open a savings account.
A: I tried to use the ATM machine, but it’s closed.
B: You can use the ATM machine down the street.
A: But, it’s a different bank. I have to pay a charge.
B: How much do you have to pay?
A: It’s usually a dollar and a half.
B: That’s right. When you use Versateller, it’s free.
A: That’s right. It’s free because I have an account.
B: Do you need anything at the supermarket?
A: Why are you asking me that?
B: Because you can get cash back with any purchase.
A: Will they accept my ATM card?
B: Of course. And there’s no charge for cash back.
A: Don’t use the ATM machine at night.
B: Why not? Is it dangerous?
A: It’s not safe. It’s better to use it in the day time.
B: You’re right. I heard that somebody was robbed.
A: A robber can steal your ATM card.
B: And then the robber can withdraw all my money.
A: We spent too much money last month.
B: Are we using our overdraft?
A: Yes, we are. We only have $100.00 left in it.
B: We need to budget our income more carefully.
A: That’s right. And we should pay off ouroverdraft.
B: We’ll pay it off with our next paychecks.

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