Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 37

A: Where’s the nearest post office? Do you know?
B: It is at 23rd and South Van Ness.
A: When does it close?
B: I think it closes at 5:00.
A: It’s 4:45. I have to run. I have to mail this package.
B: You won’t get there on time. It’s too far.
A: How can I help you?
B: I’d like a roll of 33 cent stamps.
A: Here you are. That’s $33.00.
B: $33.00? I didn’t know it was so expensive.
A: Well, there are a hundred stamps in a roll.
B: I changed my mind.
A: You don’t want any stamps?
B: I’d like a book of 33 cent stamps.
A: All right. Here you are. That $6.60.
B: I also want to send this package.
A: Where do you want to send it?
B: I want to send this package to New York.
A: How do you want to send it?
B: What’s the fastest way to send it?
A: The fastest is Federal Express.
B: How soon will it get to New York?
A: It will arrive in New York tomorrow.
B: It isn’t urgent. I’ll send it by regular mail.
A: Do you want to insure it?
B: Please, explain what that means.
A: If it gets lost, you’ll be reimbursed..
B: Good. Yes, I want to insure it.
A: How much do you want to insure it for?
B: I want to insure it for $100.00.
A: I’m going to the post office. Do you need anything?
B: Yes, I need some air letters.
A: I’ll get some for you. How many do you need?
B: I need about twenty.
A: Are you going to write a lot of letters?
B: Yes, I am. I have some friends overseas.
A: I want to send this letter by certified mail.
B: You must fill out this form.
A: I also need twenty post cards.
B: Here’s your receipt for the certified mail.
A: How much do I owe for all that?
B: That’s four dollars. Have a nice day.
A: You look upset. What’s the matter?
B: I waited for an hour in the post office.
A: Why did you wait for such a long time?
B: I just needed some stamps.
A: You should buy a roll. It will last a long time.
B: I won’t have to go to the post office so often .
A: What does this notice mean?
B: It means they tried to deliver a package.
A: I wasn’t home all day today.
B: You can pick it up at the post office.
A: Do I need to show them this notice?
B: Yes, and also show them an I.D.
A: I have to hurry. The post office is closing soon.
B: It is? What time does it close?
A: It closes at 5:00 and it’s 4:50 now.
B: But the post office is five blocks from here.
A: If I run, I will get there on time.
B: I think you will have to wait until tomorrow.

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