Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 36

A: I would like some ground beef, please.
B: How much would you like?
A: May I have a pound and a half?
B: It weighs a little more than that. Is it okay?
A: That’s okay. Do I pay for it here?
B: No, you don’t. You can pay the cashier.
A: I didn’t buy everything. I forgot to buy apples.
B: That’s okay. I’ll go and get some.
A: We need about two pounds of apples.
B: Where can I find them? Do you know?
A: Yes. As you enter the store, the produce is on the left.
B: I’ll be back in a little while.
A: Could you go to the store for me?
B: Sure, what do you need?
A: I need some salt. I ran out.
B: Can I get anything else for you?
A: Yes, you can. I could use a pound of butter.
B: Okay. I’d better hurry. The store closes soon.
A: Did you go to the supermarket yesterday?
B: Yes, I did. I bought several things there.
A: What vegetables did you buy?
B: I bought a head of lettuce and some onions.
A: Did you buy any broccoli?
B: No. They didn’t have any. They were out.
A: Is your supermarket convenient?
B: Sometimes it’s convenient. Sometimes it’s not.
A: What do you mean?
B: Sometimes, the supermarket is very crowded.
A: What do you do when it’s crowded?
B: I wait in line a long time, and I get impatient.
A: Does Cynthia like to go to the supermarket?
B: No, she doesn’t. It’s too far from her house.
A: Where does she prefer to go shopping?
B: She prefers the small stores in her neighborhood.
A: But, those stores are more expensive, right?
B: That’s right, but they’re more convenient for her.
A: Excuse me. I couldn’t find the fresh peaches.
B: Did you look in the produce section?
A: Yes, but I didn’t find any peaches there.
B: Oh, that’s right. We’re out of them right now.
A: When will you have fresh peaches?
B: Fresh peaches are coming tomorrow.
A: Do you buy soap at the supermarket?
B: Not usually. I find cheaper soap at MacFrugal’s.
A: Macfrugal’s? What kind of store is that?
B: It’s a discount store. They have many sale items.
A: Can I buy paper towels there?
B: I’m not sure. You’ll have to see for yourself.
A: What do we need at the supermarket?
B: Let’s see. We need a half gallon of milk.
A: I’m writing it down. Anything else?
B: A couple of bottles of diet soda.
A: How many loaves of bread should I get?
B: Get a couple of loaves of whole wheat bread.
A: I went to the supermarket, and now I’m upset.
B: Why? Did you forget to bring the list?
A: No, I remembered the list. But I spent $80.00.
B: $80.00? That’s a lot of money.
A: I know it is. I didn’t think I bought that much.
B: Maybe we should try a different supermarket.

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